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07th Nov - 08th Nov

The Ultimate Stallion Affair #TUSA 2020

Hosted by The Ultimate Stallion Affair The Borrowdale Racecourse is internationally acknowledged as ...

15th Dec

Girl's Getaway

An exciting way to end our 2020 Empowered Women Empower Women series. Join us as we take a couple of...

USD 150
20th Dec - 26th Dec

Receive Your Marriage Bush Camp

Hosted by Tough Talk Family "RECEIVE YOUR MARRIAGE" BUSH CAMP Organised by Tough Talk Dating Group D...

Life After Lockdown

Talent Phiri

Many people in Zimbabwe are not aware that life after the 21 Day- Lockdown will be very different and must start preparing for change of life- style right now. Those who are short sighted think […]

Waiting in line

Murungu Jerry

It has often been stated that Zimbabweans are friendly people and as warm as the southern African climate. They are generally accommodating, polite, well mannered and generous. And I have generally found this to be […]

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