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15th Dec

Girl's Getaway

An exciting way to end our 2020 Empowered Women Empower Women series. Join us as we take a couple of...

USD 150
20th Dec - 26th Dec

Receive Your Marriage Bush Camp

Hosted by Tough Talk Family "RECEIVE YOUR MARRIAGE" BUSH CAMP Organised by Tough Talk Dating Group D...

Patience Musa

Music is such a beautiful part of our lives. Whether we’re praying, celebrating, praising, worshiping, missing someone, hurt, angry or just relaxing there is a song for every mood. The world’s song writers and composers […]

Life After Lockdown

Talent Phiri

Many people in Zimbabwe are not aware that life after the 21 Day- Lockdown will be very different and must start preparing for change of life- style right now. Those who are short sighted think […]

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