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08th Aug - 10th Aug

Nyanga Carnival

  1Day Pass- Usd $15/ 3 Day Pass-Usd $30 3Day Pass group(5 people)- Usd $ 120 Kidz Pass-Usd$ 5(...

08th Aug

Mitambo Festival: 2020 Edition

Hosted by Mitambo Festival A unique event where we take you back into time. This time it's going be ...

22nd Aug

Girlfest 2k20

Hosted by Girl Fest Spring 2k19 and Girlfest Zw Zimbabwe’s biggest girl festival! Creating a sp...

29th Aug

King of Spin 2k20 Tour / Zimbabwe

Not Provided

Hosted by Peter "Most Wanted" Opali A showcase of some of the best spinners in Africa

19th Sep

The Big Stream Breakfast

Hosted by Streamview Farm Breakfast Farm style. Set up a stand of fresh farm produce, arts and craft...

Life After Lockdown

Talent Phiri

Many people in Zimbabwe are not aware that life after the 21 Day- Lockdown will be very different and must start preparing for change of life- style right now. Those who are short sighted think […]

Waiting in line

Murungu Jerry

It has often been stated that Zimbabweans are friendly people and as warm as the southern African climate. They are generally accommodating, polite, well mannered and generous. And I have generally found this to be […]

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