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SIGNATURE TOSCIE (prounouced tos-ki), is a multi-nominated Zimbabwean Fashion and Lifestyle Blog-cum-Brand by Tendai Kamusikiri. Established in 2012, Signature Toscie started out as a personal style blog that chronicled the writer’s own personal style journey, whilst sharing insights on local boutiques, designers, event launches and trends.

I wanted to share my fashion journey as well as the amazing discoveries of what the Zimbabwean Fashion Industry was producing. I also experimented with the industry as a Fashion Editor and Stylist for some local magazines, brands and productions. As a Blogger, I had the amazing opportunity to curate and recommend stylish posts using local Zimbabwean designers and brands, pushing the ethos and getting an overview of the industry thereby making the blog an innovator and a platform for Zimbabwean Fashion. As of 2016, Signature Toscie has grown into a Proudly Zimbabwean fashion and lifestyle brand consisting of image consultancy, design and entrepreneurship for the modern African woman with a women’s empowerment style brunch titled “The Style Sessions” and a clothing line entitled “ELIXIR”.

My mission is to make every Zimbabwean woman truly feel amazing about herself, her whole being and her lifestyle, which is one of the inspirations behind the clothing line ELIXIR. It is a beautiful combination of both Elegance + Luxury with emphasis on timeless fashion and a dedication to classic style. Everything about ELIXIR is local and home grown, from the design and fabric to the production process. I want the product to be wholly 100% Zimbabwean because I believe in contributing to and playing my part in what was once the budding Textile and Fashion Industry. Furthermore, I want to showcase the elements of true style through appropriate dress and a tailored experience.

“The Style Sessions” is a brunch for women in business with the vision to inspire, motivate and empower through open dialogues centred around the business of fashion and style with Zimbabwe’s finest and recognised fashion enthusiasts and influencers. “The Style Sessions” go in as far as creating a chic, upscale and glamourous environment to discuss and tackle women’s issues pertaining to health, wellness and self-development. Currently we are preparing for the 3rd Edition of “The Style Sessions” to be hosted on Saturday, the 2nd of September 2017 at the Organikks Restaurant and Skin Spa, Chisipite, in Harare. This one will be particularly exciting because we are celebrating the very essence of being a modern GirlBoss, whilst staying true to yourself!

Paying homage to my love for fashion and the creative industry, Toscie is my childhood nickname that has stuck over the years and has now catapulted into a brand that I enjoy creating and sharing every day. The term “Gorgeous and Glamourous” is the slogan that was inspired by my favourite quote – “Inner happiness begins with outer drop-dead-gorgeousness! – Unknown”. I truly believe in fashion, style, creativity and development as both a personal element and a passion venture.

By Tendai Kamusikiri

Harare Magazine
Author: Harare Magazine

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