The Gift of a Lifetime

Ann Hamilton-King

Lots of people have been asking me about how to choose a gift that grows for a lifetime. Some people have hang ups about “choosing the wrong thing,” especially when the person they have in mind is an excellent gardener.

Well, let me reassure you about giving gifts that grow. You can never “choose the wrong thing” in my opinion. What could be lovelier or more loving than a gift that will give increasing pleasure?

For the gardenless or the garden-oriented, you can keep it fairly simple. For the dedicated gardener, anything that grows will be most welcome – particularly if it is a challenge or a specialty is acknowledged. For an enthusiastic gardener, you can choose something unusual like a lessor-known fern or bougainvillea, azalea, camellia or fuchsia. Unless they are an absolute fundi, most gardeners will welcome unusual varieties to add to their collections, so think about what they favour in their garden.

“Keeping it simple” ideas include a tree in a pot or a plant. Another idea is a basket full of indoor plants like luscious ferns or a good houseplant. There are lots of lovely containers available and they make the most of any houseplant – even quite small ones. A hanging basket of herbs is a lovely gift for a good cook and a container garden fits happily into any home. A Cactus garden is a super idea for the young – it is intriguing and undemanding of care.

You don’t need to know a great deal about specialist gardening to choose a gift. That is the Nurseryman’s job and we get great pleasure from listening to your needs and helping you to choose exactly the right gift.

Lastly, an occasion becomes a happy memory if a tree or plant is attached to it. Each time one has to water it, he or she will remember and relive the event and remember the special person who gave it to them.

Happy Gardening!!

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Ann Hamilton-King
Author: Ann Hamilton-King

Ann Hamilton King began her journey into the world of horticulture through the influence of her mother Elsie Grobler Hoffman. Later in life, being open minded to opportunities that come with volunteering; Ann volunteered to work at Kew Gardens in England and had the opportunity to see and learn how gardens are maintained. Amazed by how tiny seeds could grow into such beautiful flowers and plants, she combined the knowledge from Kew gardens and the desire imparted to her by her mother and decided to embark on a lifelong adventure exploring the world of horticulture. Over the years she has studied and photographed Zimbabwean plants in diverse habitats. Her experience is reflected in her articles in Harare Magazine and many personal blogs like

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