THEME: Hope for the Homeless #PlizDont4getUs

Homelessness is a rising plight in these difficult economic times. The homeless community has grown exponentially in the last two years and rising unemployment has resulted in significant numbers of qualified and skilled people landing on the streets. Women and children are the most vulnerable amongst the homeless yet their numbers keep going up every day. They are then exposed and left vulnerable to several forms of social hardship which often go unnoticed in the hustle bustle of survival in Zimbabwe.

The EatOut Movement for the homeless was founded by Henry Chigama and Nicole Rautenbach, (with the former having experienced homelessness himself) who were compelled to take a stand against this social ill. The movement is a social initiative whose mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, Recreate, and Reintegrate the homeless community. The vision is to end homelessness one life at a time and as such a team of like-minded individuals have rallied behind Henry and Nicole to make it a reality.

The EatOut Movement mobilizes and inspires the business community, through their Corporate Social Responsibility programs, to raise awareness on homelessness and take a step towards ending it. One such initiative is the CEO EatOut event which was launched in 2018 and will beheld on the same day as the MusicFeast. The focus of the CEO EatOut is to invite CEOs, MDs, PR executives, other professionals; as well as social and religious leaders to serve members of the homeless community in Harare. The MusicFeast, as the name implies, will be a sumptuous banquet of live music performances by local acts such Edith WeUtonga, Alexio Kawara, Masa Caroleen, Mangoma & Music. According to Percussion, Gary Tight, Jesa, Zimbabwe College of Music and Marinade. The main course being a performance by globe-trotting Malawian sensation Patience Namadingo.

The MusicFeast is aimed at raising awareness of the plight of the homeless who often go unnoticed and unloved by society. The hashtag of the MusicFeast is #PlizDont4getUs which is the title of a song by award-winning Note2etoN choir and is the EatOut Movement theme song which shall be officially launched on the day. Aside from the musical buffet there will also be a pop-up food court with stalls by Burger Boys, The Food Shack, Creamy Inn, Taco Cabana and a pop-up bar and many more. All funds raised will be channelled towards the building of a transitional shelter and programmes that benefit the homeless.

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