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Can long distance relationships stand the test of time? Can young adults develop socially and professionally while living at home with their parents? How can young Zimbabweans who have spent years living outside of the country re-adjust to home and navigate their space as a ‘returnee’?

Topics like these may come up often in conversation among young Zimbabwean adults, although they are typically limited to intimate discussions among friends and acquaintances. But how much can you be pushed to think differently when the conversation remains with the same group of friends with similar thoughts and backgrounds? The recently launched web series Room 4 Doubt has come to take the dialogue from private spaces to a public forum inclusive of a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds.The overall aim of the series is to bring discussions that are already held in social settings to a larger audience that is able to engage, learn, disagree, and, ultimately, leave room for doubt about the thoughts and perspectives they had never thought to question.

So how does it all work? The Room 4 Doubt Producer Briony Pasipanodya and Screenwriter Tichaona Maruziva pose relevant questions to a group of 8-10 young Zimbabweans and let the cameras roll. There are no scripts, no rules, and nothing to hide behind, just authentic conversation and connection. The Directors Mwayi Nkhoma and Tinotenda Nyandoro then work their magic to bring the footage down into a riveting show under 20 minutes.

But the conversation doesn’t stop there, when the series is posted on Youtube (Room4DoubtZW) viewers are encouraged to keep the debate going in the comments section where they share their opinions and experiences with the other commenters who they may never have interact with in their daily lives. The Production Design and Marketing gurus Pamela Nyandoro and Yatina Katunga are using social media to spread the word. As the shows grows they hope to build a broad network of young Zimbabweans who can communicate frequently about timely issues.

So join the Room 4 Doubt following early by subscribing to their Youtube page (Room4DoubtZW) or getting in touch with them at

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