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Dating in Harare – Lost in Translation, Decoding the Five Love Languages

Over the years, I’ve learned that love isn’t a meaningless word that should be thrown around willy-nilly without meaning it; neither is, “Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more,” the answer to “What is love?” Love is and isn’t many things, depending on your view and personal experiences. Like a fluid, it takes […]

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The Revolution Will Not Be Texturized!: Kinky Curly Naturals Hair Salon

There has been a shift happening, and we’ve all seen it. Perceptions and norms are changing. The latest manifestation of this shift was seen on Doria Ragland, mother of the bride, arriving at the royal wedding sporting a glorious head of dreadlocks. An increasing number of women of African ancestry are wearing their hair in […]

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Riding Into the Heart of the Wilderness: Mavuradonha Mountains

“Bitten by the Africa bug” during a wildlife safari in Hwange National Park, that incredible week in the wild––on horseback––called me back to Zimbabwe. An unexpected outcome, for a rider like me from western Canada. Indeed, a year later I have returned to horses in Zimbabwe with Varden Safaris, this time to the northern wilderness––Mavuradonha, […]

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Music is the line that connects all the dots. It is not just businesses and corporate environments that need intellectual protection; artists of all kinds must protect their work, too. Individuals of different cultural backgrounds perform together and music is heard by people no matter the language or any other cultural barrier. It is important […]