July 15, 2024

Basic Gardening Design – Design Principles

The highs, lows and middle ground and how to achieve that. Decide on the style of your garden to complement the house before buying the plants.

Lawn preparation

Dig 30 cm deep

Put your single superphosphate & compound D fertilisers and compost, mix well into the soil, spread evenly and dig it in. Thereafter go over with a straight edge plank. Twist your plank constantly to get levels and flat surface for lawn planting.

Lawn maintenance

Do not sweep away clippings
Mow one week North/ South next week East/West
Set your mower three fingers high (weld it like that)

Solution for water conservation

Water at night only in the summer
In winter water in the morning
Use any grey water except greasy kitchen waste water with chemicals in it

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