July 15, 2024

ZiFm Personality of the month

Meet the vibrant Mona.

Mona Lisa Dube is currently the youngest on air presenter at ZiFM Stereo and her show the Yzone has become really popular among the youth across the country especially at Tertiary Institutions.

Her show focuses on issues that are affecting young people and how best to address them. She is slowly getting on the camera as well and she is the presenter for a new online show called the Quick- E which is released on Facebook every week. She is also Patience Musa’s producer for the Exhale Block.

In 2016, Mona Lisa won the International Youth and Mentoring Coach award. Having started off her career in broadcasting at ZBC TV as a presenter for Lifestyle Program on Channel 2, Mona Lisa says it’s been a fruitful journey.

” I remember when I chose to study Journalism over Accounting, since I have always been a commercial student, I received a lot of backlash from the people around me as journalism is not always what people’ expect to be a program one pursues as a first choice. But I have never looked back and I do not regret that decision,” says Monalisa.“

“Iwould always see Tyra Banks on TV on her talk show and always tell myself that I can do that. She was my inspiration to pursue media, to be honest.  Locally I am inspired by Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa. She really knows her stuff,” she adds.

Speaking about what keeps her motivated she says, “I know this is going to sound cliché but for me it is knowing that I can make a contribution in the lives of young people, no matter how small that contribution is. A Pastor that I respect so much always say, “If I change my world, and you change your world, ultimately we will change the world.”

She aspires   to have a talk show of her own that focuses on a lot of issues like youth, current affairs, politics and business.

Mona Lisa holds a National Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies and is currently enrolled at Midlands State University for a degree in Media and Society Studies.

“I am really grateful to God for his grace in my life and the doors He has opened for me and I know it’s all for a reason and I will live to fulfill His plan in my life.”

Speaking about her family, she says being the first in a family of four is a bit of a responsibility.

“It is like you know they are all looking up to you and there is kind of that pressure to do things right because there is always someone watching,” she says.

Her message to fellow youths is, “Pray. Follow your dream. Work twice as hard. Get an education, read and do something with your hands. Know what’s happening around you because the future of this country lies in our hands, after all, we are the majority. We are the future!

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