February 22, 2024

Enjoy Winter – Feel Warm

Winter is HERE and it is usually a nightmare for most people. Get the right pieces and garments and you will enjoy this season. Here are some of the necessities and essential tips to put you through.

A “statement coat” is a ‘must have’ for every classy lady. Winter coats come in different styles, different colours, but do not forget that a black coat is the staple one. A black coat is timeless; it can be worn anywhere and probably with almost any outfit.  Lay a sweater or turtleneck underneath a winter coat and you look fabulous.  A statement coat with a different colour can add a pop of colour to any neutral or all black outfit.

Winter boots come in different types and style and can be worn on specific outfits. Boots are ever stylish, pick the right pair of boots that matches with the outfit. Boots can be worn on different outfits depending on the style of the boots.

Leather never goes out of fashion, same goes with the leather jacket.  A leather jacket is an important piece in your winter wardrobe as it adds an instant edge and coolness to any outfit. You can lay a leather jacket on top of a sweater, turtleneck or woolen dress. Leather jackets can make any outfit look more put together.

Hats are often the last thing people think of, but every classy woman should possess one. A fedora hat is also a great way to keep yourself warm and adding style to the outfit.

Investing in a turtleneck top will ensure that your neck is nice and snug all winter. This style looks good with anything and can be paired with a sweater and sleeveless dress or simply worn on its own with jeans.

A scarf warms the body, accessorizes any outfit and adds a unique style to the outfit.  A coloured one gives a contrast to the whole outlook.

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