July 15, 2024

Gardening Tips for Winter

You have already composted and mulched your trees, plants and flowerbeds with the pitch-black compost smelling wonderful (not stinking), if you have used manure! It is a good activator, as we talked about last month.

Protection is the name of the game in winter!
To protect trees and shrubs against frost, I suggest you measure the width and height of your tree or shrub and allow for extra space so that the shade cloth hangs loosely and does not impair the growth. Use four old tent pegs (metal does not rot) or pegs from gum trees that measure about 5cm in diameter, and pin the shade cloth down with the pegs to ground level. See picture. Protect any new shoots on the shrubs.

You will need these items for protection:

  1. Shade cloth
  2. String
  3. Hammer
  4. 4 pegs per tree or shrub

When mowing during this time of the year, set the lawn mower at its highest setting so that it is at least three fingers in depth (4.5cm to 5cm high). For another suggestion at time of the year, I find that a strimmer works extremely well because the grass will automatically be left on the lawn, thus providing a mat to keep the roots warm and encourage growth. Please do not rake your lawn at this time of the year. Your lawn will become as soft as a baby’s pillow if you leave the lawn cuttings in place.


Cut down your watering in the winter and remember, always water in the mornings before 12 noon to help with penetration, as this encourages everything to remain green. If you water in the afternoons, the water will freeze and damage the leaves.

Happy gardening!

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