June 25, 2022

The Dominican Convent 2017 Annual Art Exhibition

Art at Dominican Convent aims to develop the students’ critical thinking through exploring, analysing and interpreting social and cultural influences in their environment and rendering these influences as art.

It teaches them to appreciate visual art as a vehicle of human expression from a cultural, historical and contemporary perspective. This not only prepares them for any career in a creative field, but also other fields that require creative thinking.

This year’s exhibition was held over a 5-day period in August, where artwork from students in Form 1 to Form 3 at Dominican Convent was displayed. The exhibition did not run under any particular theme, but was rather a progress update of what the girls had achieved since the beginning of the year (2017) to date. Students, parents and teachers from both Convent and other schools were invited.

The art portrayed a wide array of topics including figure drawing, self-portraits, perspective drawing, patterns found in nature, interesting reflections and imaginative compositions, among others. These artworks were rendered using a wide variety of media such as pencil, pen, charcoal, oil and chalk pastels, acrylic paint and watercolour paint.

The girls and their parents were all excited to see their art being displayed and were encouraged to produce better work in preparation for the next exhibition. This particular exhibition was made more significant as it came at a time when the school is celebrating its 125th Jubilee. For the students and staff in the Art Department, as well as the Dominican Convent Community, this is only the beginning of greater things to come.

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