July 15, 2024

Four tips to stay healthy in the Holiday Season

December and the holidays associated with the festive season are notoriously un-healthy. Full of indulgence, over drinking and over eating all the days of the month. Excessive amounts of toxins, fats and sugars make this season delicious but harmful. This does not mean that our celebrations – the end of a tough year, the return of family or travel to family and the anticipation of a new year; should be full of self-loathing rather than joy and happiness.

However, once all the celebrating and hollering has subsided, we are faced with an entire year ahead having gained kilograms over the previous months. This doesn’t have to be the case, we can remain in a particularly body happy state if we make the correct choices throughout the season.

1.Practice Balance.

Always choose when and how you are going to celebrate in advance, and then in the times in-between stay healthy – exercise, drink lots of water, choose to eat salads and fresh vegetables. By balancing the unhealthy and the healthy, we can make January an easier month for us all.

2.Stay Active.
Instead of a day spent shouting at the TV, how about you and the family get out on the field and compete in a family day of soccer – choose exercise. Pack a picnic style lunch and go for a walk or hike with the family, children running around throwing the ball, adults engaging the legs – work for the lunch and bond altogether.

3.Eat Tasty and Healthy
Choose fruit, whole-wheat bread and homemade cold meats. Snack on nuts and dried fruits for clever energy. Save the cake for Christmas day. If we’re eating out because our bosses are awesome and plan an employee Christmas party, choose a healthy breakfast and a light dinner so we don’t spoil our lunch goals.

4.Stay Hydrated!
Always make sure you’re drinking enough water – at least two litres every day; to ensure you have the energy to recover from the over indulgence as well as focus on choosing healthier options.
Make your 2018 New Year’s resolution to be happier and spend more time with friends and family because you chose to make your festive holidays healthier.

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