August 18, 2022

Kudzanai Chidemo: Beau Colore

Kudzanai Chidemo birthed Beau Colore make-up studio and Harare has been buzzing about it so we had to check it out for ourselves. She is such a vibrant personality with unmatched talent that we couldn’t resist having Kudzanai create an ideal Christmas make-up look that I’m sure you’ll be dying to replicate this festive season!

Check out Kudzanai’s interview to see the stunning Christmas look she created and learn more about her journey!

Tell me about how Beau Colore was founded?
I initially went to school to study horticulture in the UK and halfway through a semester I called my mom and told her I really couldn’t do it. Naturally, she was upset but she allowed me to pursue beauty therapy at Gloucester College. It was a difficult start for me because no one really understood what I was doing.

I finished school, moved back to Zimbabwe and started off doing eyelash extensions because I was so nervous about doing people’s makeup. Eventually, I warmed up to the idea and I started doing freelance work; then I moved on to weddings and I managed to gather a stable clientele that allowed me to set up my studio, and that’s how Beau Colore was born.

Beauty therapy is a route that is rarely explored; how would you create awareness for it as a career option?
It’s one thing to love something and another to actually get a feel for what it really entails. I think it’s important to have information on something, but it’s equally important to experience it, so I think it would be useful for beauty therapy schools to reach out to students and educate them on what beauty therapy is truly about and maybe even allow them to see what happens at a beauty therapy school for themselves.

We asked Kudzanai for some skincare tips and here’s what she had to say:
Your face is a canvas, so it’s vital to take very good care of your skin. Using toners is something you cannot do without. Toners balance your skin and when buying a toner make sure that you purchase a toner with silicic acid, as this gets rid of excess oil and keeps your pores clean.

Kudzanai was kind enough to share some essential summer make-up tips we know you’ll love:

  1. Wear less make-up…less is more
  2. Be generous with the highlight
  3. Make use of blotting paper and use less powder

Be sure to follow Kudzanai on Instagram @beaucolorezimmakeup and subscribe to her Youtube channel “Beaucolore Makeup” for on-the-go make-up tutorials!

Beau • Instagram • +263 77 192 8685 • 50 Ascot Road, Harare

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