August 18, 2022

Why You Should Hire an Event Planner

In this day and age of shrinking budgets and cost consciousness, one may well think that hiring an event planner is an expense you could do without. We beg to differ.

The first and foremost reason to hire an event planner is simply that it’s our job! That means that we are exclusively focused on creating the very best event possible – our reputation depends on it. Even when presented with boundaries, such as budget constraints, it is still in our best interests to produce the most optimum event within those parameters – we want your repeat business so we’ll maximize our efforts to meet your requirements. We’re possibly even more invested than you when it comes to making sure everything goes according to plan.

We save you time and money

Hiring a professional who is purely focused on producing your event means that you and/or your team can focus on your core priorities elsewhere, whether it be in business or at home. Rather than rushing around trying to find suitable suppliers and choose between them, an event planner already has a network that have a proven track record. Not only that, planners most likely have leverage with various service providers that allows them to negotiate pricing or service delivery that you would not have access to should you approach them directly.

It’s all in the details

Event planners are focused on the details. We’re creatives, we love beautiful things and we want to show you off to your guests as much as possible. That means that we’re dedicated to making your event look and feel like a cohesive and inviting picture. We’ve picked up a few tricks that can help enhance the simplest of set ups. For example, did you know that placing your seats at a particular angle to the stage can make an audience feel more included and engaged? Or that grouping items in odd numbers is actually more pleasing to the eye than even ones? See, little things that can make a big difference.

For the love of logistics

We want your event to not only look spectacular but to ergonomically flow as smoothly as possible. Our knowledge is based on prior experience. We know how long it usually takes to serve one hundred people from a buffet point, we’ve thought about whether there is adequate lighting throughout the venue, whether you’ll need additional security and we’ve got a pretty good idea how much your guests are likely to consume at the bar. This allows us to create an event that not only flows, but also ensures that all logistics are taken care of and crucial elements aren’t overlooked.

Party on

A final point, but a crucial one -hiring a professional to organise and run your event means that you’re free to actually take part in your own event. Rather than running around behind the scenes, you get to take a breath, engage with your guests and enjoy the food and entertainment whilst we take care of the rest.
So if you’re considering hosting an event this festive season, we suggest you consider calling in the professionals….

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