January 29, 2022

Harare Magazine Issue 8

We are excited to send out Issue 8 of Harare Magazine! Print copies of the magazine are available for purchase at Pick and Pay, Bon Marche, Spar, and Innov8 Bookstores. We also post articles from the magazine every week on this website. 

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Below is letter from our Editor Ann Rothrock Beattie about what to expect from Issue 8.

Wow, a lot has happened in Zimbabwe since our last issue. There is an African Proverb that states, “When the music changes, so does the dance.” Well, Zimbabweans are certainly dancing to some new tunes today!

As always, Harare Magazine is privileged to highlight the perseverance and innovative character of Zimbabweans, locally and as representatives across the globe. Our cover story is a man who needs no introduction. Mr. Denny Marandure, the CEO of ZOL, has taken his company to new heights and continues to soar. Read all about his new products and initiatives that ZOL has launched and will be launching in the near future.

An endearing highlight we have this month is the young and talented artist, Sian Ellement, who was inspired by her fellow Zimbabweans last November to paint her interpretation in her piece of art, New Zimbabwe.

Callie Anne Gavazzi, a native Zimbabwean, tells her unique story of how she has evolved as a bush camp chef throughout southern Africa. And, she has shared a coveted recipe for her peri-peri prawns that has been passed down in her family of cooks. Yum!

We have some new contributions in this issue that we are so excited about! Patience Musa of ZiFM gives us a comprehensive review of Winky D’s Gombwe album (click here for the article), Miriam Nyakudzuka talks to us about the ins and outs of dating in Harare (click here for the article), Oriane Lee Johnston gives us a first-hand look into her horse safari travels and Birdlife Zimbabwe informs us about our beautiful feathered friends in Harare.

Our Personality of the Month is a great feature article about Joyce Chimanye’s passionate pursuit of her dream in the fashion industry to open the Zuvva School of Fashion. Don’t miss out on this compelling story of an extraordinary woman.

Enjoy the magazine! Grab a hard copy at a store near you and visit our website weekly to enjoy Issue 8 of Harare Magazine.

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