February 22, 2024

6 Tips for Setting Successful Fitness Goals

I like the idea of starting the New Year with a fresh chapter.

Nearly everyone has a fitness-based resolution at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, only a small percentage is successful with achieving the goals they have set for themselves. Part of the reason you may fail is that you set unattainable and unrealistic goals in a rigid time frame.

I personally believe that at any time of the year, any day is great to make a new start and here is my advice on how to approach it.

Put some thought into it. Think about why YOU want to achieve those specific goals. Pick the right resolution/goal. Make sure that the set goal is something you want for yourself, not the “cool or in” thing to do.

If it is the right resolution/goal for you, you will succeed.

A goal that is successful is one that is doable and meaningful to you. If it isn’t, you are likely to fail. Here are a few tips to ensure success.

1. Identify the goal.

Meditate on it, write down the intention; e.g. you may feel that you want to be in better health and lose weight.

Think about the various methods available that you could implement to achieve that kind of goal and identify what you would enjoy and would best suit you.

2. Be specific.

What is the actual goal? Details are important.

For example, you may decide that you want to pick up running to lose weight and be in better health. How much weight are we talking? How what times or distances are you aiming for?

This part requires prior research.

3. What method will you follow to work on the set goal?

Once you have identified that you will take up running to better your health, map a route, invest in running shoes, set the days and times so that there is an actual schedule to follow.

4. Set a realistic time frame.

Remember there are no shortcuts for meaningful goals. You will need to invest in time. Patience is everything in fitness. Your results are born from consistency, struggle, and determination.

5. Keep track.

Break down your big goal into small everyday goals, e.g. decide that you will increase your mileage on your run by a km/week and decrease the time of the run. Write down your small specific goals and keep track of them. Tick them off and set the next one. These small milestones will get you closer to achieving the bigger goal.

6. Have Compassion for yourself.

The truth is that you will mess up, make mistakes and sometimes fail. That’s OK. It is all “Real” and part of the journey. Cut yourself some slack and carry on as soon as possible. If you miss your run today, make sure that you run the very next day.

Goals and resolutions are not for the beginning of the year only. There is no wrong time to pursue a goal; any day is good to make a new Start!

Barbra Jambga is a 37-year-old wife and mother of 3 who is an Advanced Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Sports Fitness Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, Owner and Founder of SweatNation Bootcamp and BodybySweatNation Boutique Personal Training Studio. She works with clients individually, in groups and online, and she is armed with 11 years of working experience. Contact email is sweatnationzim@gmail.com.


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