July 15, 2024

A Painted Celebration

Meet Sian Ellement. She is a local artist who was born in Bulawayo and has had an intense passion for art and design from a young age. Through hard work and commitment to her lifelong dream, she graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design. She views art as an escape into the realms of creativity and as an artist, she is able to capture moments through realistic and abstract paintings and sketches. She told me, “Art form is my life and future.”

Sian speaks animatedly about how becoming an artist has given her the freedom to do what she loves most: create and share art everyday. Sian has done just that with her painting, New Zimbabwe, that honours the courageous people of this great nation. I couldn’t wait to get one of these prints; it hangs front and centre in my house today!

I asked Sian what inspired her to paint the New Zimbabwe painting; her answer:

The New Zimbabwe painting was inspired by the wonderful African nation of Zimbabwe, which has so much potential and opportunity to thrive and stand proud. Zimbabwe has experienced so many hurdles over the decades, but together we have shown a united front that will stand together in such a memorable moment. There is nothing more beautiful than the smiles and positivity on the faces of the people, suppressed for so long, as they stand side by side united as a nation, determined to make our country a better place and live our lives to the fullest and not just survive! The energy and spirit of the nation inspired me to create this memorable piece that will commemorate a historical day in our country’s lifetime. Seeing all the strength of the people marching on the streets and the images flying across social media compelled me to puzzle the piece together with the nation’s colours.

It took Sian a total of four full days after the November 18th march to complete the painting.

Her design company, Creative Ellement, offers branding through art and design. They offer ways for companies or individuals to communicate their ideas through vivid images and designs that speak to a target market.

If you are interested in buying prints or other art and design work, please contact Sian Ellement
0775 197415 • sian.ellement@gmail.com • Facebook • Instagram

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