July 15, 2024

Team Up to Clean Up

In our last issue, we touched briefly on the work that Team Up 2 Clean Up has undertaken, but as they head into their second year, I think it is worth talking about in more depth. Under the influence of the director, Tanaka Urayai, and publicity advisor, Joseph Bunga, the group has a lot to be proud of. Not only have they engaged the community as a whole by bringing together different cultures and maintaining a safe and clean environment, but they have also managed to work with multiple religions. Currently, Team Up 2 Clean Up, under the help of Jesuit Parish Priest Fr. Isaac of St. Peter’s Parish Mbare, has improved living and health standards for the Mbare community tremendously.

It all started when a small group of youths shared a common desire to see the Mbare neighbourhood cleaned up. Today, the group of youths has multiplied and some clean up days can attract over 200 volunteers. Team Up 2 Clean Up has executed 21 clean up sessions since October 2015 with the goal of preventing littering and managing solid waste. The initiative will also integrate income-generating projects to boost community livelihoods in Mbare. All this is being greatly taken up by the members of the community and shared influence from the Jesuit Parish.

Due to massive overpopulation, Mbare has suffered a litter crisis as a result of insufficient waste collection; they are also victim of a malfunctioning water and sewage system. It is estimated that Mbare’s inhabitants number 55,874 and the official housing capacity sits at 20,000 inhabitants.

While the clean-up campaigns have been effective in restoring a general cleanliness in the area, under Fr. Isaac’s regular supervision alongside his Parish members, they have not had as much success with the waste management difficulty. The piled up rubbish is a breeding ground for diseases like cholera and typhoid.

As a solution to this hazardous situation, the Team Up 2 Clean Up team requested permission from the City Council to build a waste containment area with a retaining wall that has achieved the following objectives:

  • The City Council has been doing regular rubbish collection as a result of the newly erected waste facility.
  • There is renewed pride in the area and its surrounds, as the inhabitants are committed to improving their own environment.
  • The rubbish heap was cleared and has given space for the planting of the new park.

Team Up 2 Clean Up Mbare has also provided sixty 200-litre bins and 10 waste collection cages in five primary schools. Their commitment to the community is impressive, inspiring and contagious! If you would like to participate, please find them on Facebook and donate or join in.

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