February 22, 2024

ZOL Zimbabwe 2018 Launch

ZOL Zimbabwe annual launches are known as the best shows in the technology industry. They carry a certain charisma and magic, complete with seamless product demos and smooth promotional videos. They are well rehearsed, perfectly presented and highly anticipated events.

This year was no different. Anticipation among the technology faithful and enthusiasts could not have been higher. Endless speculation and massive expectations about what ZOL was going to launch filled the tech blogs and press day in and day out.

Without doubt, this was the most anticipated product launch in Zimbabwe.

Guest of Honour Minister Prof Amon Murwira gives an address

The Set up

The leading Internet Service Provider in Zimbabwe left no stone unturned in their annual ZOL launch. This launch was at Ster Kinekor in a cinematic setting; if you did not know any better, you would have been forgiven for thinking that this was one of those iconic Apple events.

For example, at the beginning of the launch, guests were given VR Headsets and were instructed to download a VR app on the Playstore. The guests enjoyed the ZOL Virtual Reality experience. This really set the tone and ramped up the excitement level.

The delivery

The presenters, led by the ZOL Zimbabwe Chief Executive, Mr. Denny Marandure, did not disappoint, as they presented groundbreaking, stunning and dazzling technologies.

ZOL CEO Denny Marandure giving the key address

The products

The flagship product launched is Wibroniks, a Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology service. The LTE technology is an upgrade on ADSL and other technologies used by competitors. Wibroniks ensures that most areas in Zimbabwe enjoy the ZOL internet which is in line with ZOL Zimbabwe’s vision of ensuring that everyone in Zimbabwe has access to affordable, fast and reliable internet.

Liquid Telecom Group CEO Nic Rudnick

The Wibroniks Packages

The Package details are as follows:

  • WiBroniks 5: For $10 you get 5GB and the speed for this and all other packages will be 10Mbps
  • WiBroniks 10: $19 will get subscribers 10GB at 10Mbps
  • WiBroniks 25: $33 will get you 25GB at 10Mbps
  • WiBroniks 50: $60 gets users 50GB at 10Mbps
  • Wibroniks Unlimited: $119 will get you uncapped data at 15Mbps

Excitingly, Night Owl is also included in the product package where it will cost $15 and give you 25GB for all the packages on offer.

Increased Speeds for Fibroniks

ZOL Zimbabwe also upgraded the ZOL Fibroniks Data Capped packages speeds. ZOL Fibroniks Basic and Lite were injected with a speed boost of 5Mbps and will now have a speed of 10Mbps. The Family Essentials jumped from 10 to 15 Mbps.

E-Waste Launch

ZOL also launched a first with the E-Waste program. This was launched with EnviroServe (An UAE based recycling firm) and Econet. The program focuses on e-scrap, Household Recycling and Special Waste and has been endorsed by the Environmental Management Agency.

Under the E-waste program, ZOL will provide recycling services for electronic devices. There have kicked off with 100 bins around the country and more will be unveiled with time.

How the Program will run

ZOL Zimbabwe and its partners will encourage citizens can dispose of items like old phones, laptops, keyboards, monitors and many other electronic devices into bins placed at ZOL, Liquid Telecom, and Econet shops across the city. The main thrust of this program is to use technology in an environmentally responsible manner.

Office 365 Business Solutions

ZOL Zimbabwe leveraging on their partnership with Microsoft also announced Microsoft Office 365 business solutions, which are a part of the new ZOL Smart Business Solutions.

ZOL Smart Business Solutions are perfect for every business size from startup to large offices. It’s an all-in-one digital office solution that gives you an advantage over competitors by bundling technology and tools to make the way you work flow better. The packages offer Speed, Reliability, Security, Hosting and Value.

What Microsoft Office 365 benefits do you get via ZOL SmartBusiness Solutions?

Designed to simplify your work process, Microsoft Office 365 Business Plans provide the applications and services needed to enable higher productivity and collaboration.

The plans are subscription based, eliminating the need for a costly once-off investment whilst ensuring you always have the latest version. You get

  • MS Office
  • One Drive for Business
  • Exchange online for emails
  • Skype for business

Other features that you will get with the ZOL Business Solutions include:

Crash plan for Africa, a data back up solution, ESET, ZOLPHONE VIRTUAL PBX (free ZiNumber to ZiNumber calls), FIBRONIKS-ON-THE-GO on the myZOL app and Web Hosting.

Check out their website for more details.

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