February 22, 2024

Diet pills, Quick fixes – Do they work?

We (Fitness Professionals) advocate a balanced, consistently active and healthy you as a lifestyle.

This may not be as easy as it sounds. We are witness to panic training one too many times in a year.

With huge events such as HIFA coming up, exercise and diet are approached with urgency. Without enough time to put in a meaningful amount of time towards exercise there is a question of quick fixes = diet pills.

Do they work? Are they safe?

It is important to note that the healthiest and most sustainable weight loss involves a combination of diet/balanced nutrition and exercise, however, there are a few diet pills out there that can safely aid this process.

A few of the popular ones are Raspberry ketones, Garcinia, Caffeine, Green coffee extract.

Please note there are sometimes hidden dangers to our health that we may not be aware of.

Diet pills work by either:

  • Speeding up your metabolism;
  • Reducing or suppressing appetite;
  • Slowing the body’s fat production; or
  • Reducing the absorption of nutrients like fat.

The advice from the manufacturers almost always states that the dietary supplements will work effectively when coupled with exercise and a reduction in caloric intake. With the absence of these two factors, one usually does not see results and, if they do, they are short-lived. Surely this should tell us that the main factors to losing weight are exercise and diet.

What does one do then to look a little slicker in a week so that the clothes fit better?

  • Simple things like increasing your water intake work wonders. This actually encourages your body to drop water that may be retained by the body. Basically, the less you drink water the more your body retains it, the more you drink the more it lets it go.
  • Reducing starchy foods and sugars always work like a charm especially on that tummy area.
  • Eliminating foods that may cause bloating.
  • Picking up cardiovascular exercises can yield subtle results. Although this may not enough time to get big results, I say it is better to just get started at this point instead of waiting until the next festivities and only to panic once again.


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