July 15, 2024

A WINE Night Stand Encounter with Glen Carlou

“There’s something about literally being able to consume a work of art – then to divide all that pleasure of it – because it’s a memory. A great wine for me is a memory, it’s an extraordinary experience” – Robert Mondavi

Have you ever had a “wine night stand?” Shhhh! Don’t answer too loudly. Make it your classified wine keepsake. A “wine night stand” has the pleasant ability of drawing you into your inner self and totally immersing you into the world of wine. If you’ve had a “wine night stand” before, then perhaps now is the time to sip down memory lane and re-live that experience. If you haven’t, then you’ve chosen wisely to be here, right at this moment. Wine up, wine lovers, and get ready to be immersed with our chosen wines this week to be enjoyed on your “wine night stand.”

Glen Carlou Vineyards

Boasting just over three decades of existence, this South African wine farm is situated in Paarl. A sense of belonging, magnificence and scenic views, has permeated into each bottle of wine produced at Glen Carlou. Having graced our wine shops in Zimbabwe for a tremendous amount of time, this brand of wines is well worth wine lovers taking a step in the direction of Glen Carlou and experiencing wines brought to us “beyond expectation.” With production encompassing an extensive range of wines, our “wine night stand encounter” will give us a moment to sip on four wines, two whites and two red wines from their Classic Range.

Glen Carlou Unwooded Chardonnay

My palate’s interest in unwooded Chardonnays has grown. This white wine grape varietal, put simply, has not had any interaction with wood during the fermentation process. And yes, this is a fact that needs mentioning, as Chardonnay is well known for being fermented in wood. This particular style is made to be drunk young. Glen Carlou highly recommends you don’t exceed three years from vintage date. In a glass, it has a tempting soft pale yellow colour look, which is no surprise when the nose gives you a sunshine greeting of sweet peach and lime flavours. This unwooded Chardonnay will give your palate a soft sweet illusion of tropical fruit and a pleasant finish. If you’ve been searching high and low for ways to fall in love with Chardonnay, look no further! Have a “wine night stand” with this unwooded Chardonnay and the rest will be history.

Glen Carlou Wooded Chardonnay

Can you imagine having two Glen Carlou Chardonnays in the same evening? Hang on, put some thought into this. Your second white wine will be a wooded Chardonnay. This is one of Glen Carlou’s special wine classics, fermented in wooden barrels. The special treat you’ll get from this wine is in the hints of oak. Its tropical characters of generous pears fill the glass, following through on the palate with hints of lime. The mouthfeel is a creamy delight and wine lovers who enjoy a fuller mouthfeel, will enjoy a glass of this wine.

Glen Carlou Merlot

A “wine night stand” without Merlot is admitting there isn’t a soft spot in you. With a myriad of fruit to excite you, this red grape variety will mellow down your evening’s encounter. With a bowl of red plums following through onto the palate, get tangled with this smooth Glen Carlou red and experience the intimacy of a mellow wine.

Glen Carlou Grand Classique

Someone, or at least some wine, has got to complicate the evening in a wine way. This Bordeaux Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc will make you feel “grand” on your “wine night stand.” Rich and luscious fruit is calling out to you, promising you an age-worthy relationship.

Enjoy these classical wines filled with a long lasting friendship. Have your first fill of a “wine night stand,” repeat offenders are welcome wine lovers. I feel at home with these wines and with no apology to offer, I had a momentous “wine night stand” with these buddies in a bottle. What are your plans for your “wine night stand” wine lovers? Have your fill of pleasure and memory and until next time, it’s cheers to an evening of wine seduction.

Glen Carlou wines are available in Pick n Pay, Bon Marche and selected liquor outlets.

This article first appeared in The Standard Style, a magazine in The Standard, a weekly publication.

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