July 15, 2024

21 Quickfire questions with Mutsa Mwale a.k.a StrictlyChicMe

Our Fashion Editor, Cheryl Musimwa (CM) sits down with Mutsa Mwale (MM) for a quick fire fashion interview. 

CM: Tell us about yourself.

MM: My name is Mutsa Mwale. I am an entrepreneur, fashionista, introvert and an all-round nice person.

CM: How would you describe your personal style?

MM: I have a classy but modest style with a trendy vibe.

CM: Do you blog full time?

MM: No. In addition to being a blogger, I own a clothing line and I run a handbag retail company.

CM: What inspired you to start blogging?

MM: My journey to blogging began as a way of combatting the effects of post-partum stress. I was rediscovering my body and before I knew it, I realised I had been blogging for more than a year.

CM: What were you doing before?

MM: I was an accounting student at Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth.

CM: What do you love most about blogging?

MM: Standing in front of the camera and styling myself. I think I was born for that spotlight.

CM: What is the most challenging thing about blogging?

MM: Blogging in Zimbabwe is not as recognised as in other countries, so it’s quite difficult trying to work with bigger companies. They mostly don’t understand what influence your work has.

CM: Who does your photography?

MM: I have my own equipment so I do most of my random Instagram and YouTube videos by myself. For my blog photography, I like to use Tatenda Mavengano. He understands what I want and his work is exceptional.

CM: How much time goes into a normal picture found on your Instagram account?

MM: On good days, I can literally just take a picture and post in a minute and other days editing and all the finishing touches can take up to 30mins.

CM: Where do you buy your clothes?

MM: Wow, this is a very difficult question. I can buy from any store as long as I like the clothing item I am sold. If I had to pick a few, I would say Divalicious263 on Instagram, UK based online stores like Boohoo and Missguided and I also thrift at Avondale. Lately I’ve been wearing clothes from my own store.

CM: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

MM: Well, I am very shy when it comes to meeting new people especially in crowds. I tend to sulk and just crawl into my own corner.

CM: What are your thoughts on the perception of bloggers in Zimbabwe?

MM: The blogging industry is still growing and is yet to establish solid ground. Just like any other industry in Zimbabwe, it’s an uphill ride from here.

CM: Where do you see your blog and career in five years?

MM: My goal is to be a global influencer, to cross our boundaries and work with bigger brands internationally.

CM: What’s the last thing you googled?

MM: A Mercedes Benz C250. I saw it on the road and I just wanted to know how much it costs. Way too much!!

CM: What are your top 5 beauty essentials?

MM: Only 5, okay.
1. Lip balm –dry lips are a big NO NO.
2. Sunscreen –yes, I’m not fair skinned but trust me, you need it.
3. Perfume –we all need to smell good.
4. Straightener –every girl needs nice silky hair.
5. Cleanser –my favourite is the one from Celltone.

CM: What’s your must-have clothing item?

MM: A bodysuit. You can never go wrong with one.

CM: What’s your biggest tip for someone who wants to start a fashion blog or website?

MM: I say go for it. Be consistent and focus more on channelling your creativity.

CM: Do you have any fashion rules for putting an outfit together?

MM: Don’t leave the house until you like what you see in the mirror. Every angle matters. Trust me.

CM: How did you grow your social media and blog following?

MM: For me, it was all about consistently putting out content. I focused on what I wanted to give my viewers and that was rewarding.

CM: What inspires the kind of content you put up?

MM: My feelings take a huge row in inspiring me as an individual. It’s all about happiness, comfort and self-actualisation. I try to flush out media and my environment so I can write about what resonates within me.

CM: What’s your current fashion obsession?

MM: OMG, paperbag pants. I can’t help but buy lots of them. There is just something about cinching your waist!

Follow Mutsa on Instagram : @strictlychicme and to stay up to date with her tips and tricks on classy ensembles, follow her blog www.strictlychicme.com

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