December 1, 2021

Strike a Pose! Top Model Zimbabwe

“Beauty’s where you find it.” Madonna, Vogue

Just look at that cover picture! This was one of the most fun photo shoots we have done at Harare Magazine! When we first approached the lovely Karin Davidson, Founder and Principle of Top Model Zimbabwe, to do a feature story for Issue 10, I had an idea for the cover that was inspired by an old issue of Vogue (my personal favourite fashion mag!). But I wanted it with a twist, and that is exactly what Karin and the talented models from Top Model Zimbabwe produced. Karin Davidson was voted Top Female Business Leader of the Year 2018, and we certainly know why!

A Model Business

Karin Davidson was a model herself here in Zimbabwe and went overseas to pursue a modelling career. She returned to Zimbabwe and opened Model One modelling agency in Harare in 1990. This company evolved into Top Model Zimbabwe and are the official partners to European Top Model. This agency sits at the top of its field in Zimbabwe today. Her expert eye for beauty, talent and potential has allowed her business to excel. Over the years, Karin has successfully trained and launched hundreds of models of all kinds into the European and American markets.

The training courses at Top Model Zimbabwe offer a solid foundation for aspiring models. Karin stresses that etiquette, poise and grooming are just as important as looks and poses. Emily Post agrees: “Etiquette is the science of living. It embraces everything.”

When the trainees leave Top Model’s course, they are proficient in social graces, protocol awareness and business etiquette. They are also well versed in commercial TV script reading, how to execute a runway, how to apply make-up and, of course, how to strike a pose for the camera.

Karin’s work doesn’t stop at Top Model. She also is the Chairperson of the Modelling Industry Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ), which exists to protect the models. This association works diligently to prevent pageant abuse and model trafficking, which sadly is still a reality in today’s world. They also set industry standards and rates to ensure that all models are treated fairly.

So You Wanna Be a Model?

Karin stresses that at Top Model, they look for male and female models of all types, shapes, ages, sizes and colours. She also stresses that, “There is no such thing as a freelance model. Get an agent!” Karin is a fantastic role model to her budding models and really tries to emphasise modelling as a career that encompasses many aspects, not just snapping a few good pics.

Harare Magazine would like to thank and acknowledge the models and support staff who welcomed us into their modelling family and made this incredible shoot possible. Thanks to the Top Model models: Lauren MacIntosh, Shirley Anne Lindsay, Evermore Mangezi, Paula Walsh, Yolanda Manyengavana, Reece Williams and Raymond Motsi. The brilliant make-up artist was Haseena Wazir and our photographer, Denzel Alpha, has worked his magic with the camera. It was obvious that Top Model is more than just a business; it’s a family. Many of the models have been with Karin from their Day One, and it clear how tight-knit and special their bonds are. I think you’ll be able to appreciate this as well when you see these smiling happy faces on these pages!

Thank you Karin and the Top Model Zimbabwe models! • 5B Bronte Close, Emerald Hill, Harare

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