June 17, 2024

Nando’s is Open for Business!

ZSE Listed Simbisa Brands Limited officially launched the new Casa in Msasa on Monday the 20th of August. It was a nine week project which cost around $700 000 and involved significant internal and external alterations, revision to the kitchen extract plant and outside areas.

“The opening of our tantalising new Casa in Msasa is not only a celebratory event, it also comes at a turning point in the history of our country where Nandos remains committed to the potential outlook of Zimbabwe.” says Simbisa Brands Managing Director; Warren Meares.

“This 700 000 investment is just another stepping stone on our expansion within the country, an expansion that builds communities, provides jobs, and of course brings our fiery, spicy CASA-cooked meals to the people,” he said. Furthermore, Simbisa Brands is showing commitment to local farmers and communities by providing opportunities for investment, employment and enjoyment.

Simbisa Brands is currently preparing for the opening of the Gweru branch and planning for their future Casas (restaurants), including Sam Levy’s Village, Fife Avenue and Victoria Falls.

The Msasa launch takes their staff compliment up to 320 employees. With future plans to open four new Nando’s branches within the next 12 months, as well as refurbish some of the existing restaurants, their staff compliment is set to rise to 435 people who support their families and communities.

Simbisa has also shown their commitment to support local farmers who produce the famous African Birds-Eye chilli, the fundamental ingredient of the famous Nando’s peri peri flavour. Among other things, the chickens and potatoes are also locally grown. “We are working with potato farmers because we require about 40000 tonnes of potato per day.” said Mr Meares.

“We are working with farmers’ associations to help them grow more seed potato as well as improve their produce. What’s coming is our opportunity to grow as a nation and as we grow with it as a company and partner, we will keep sharing the fun, laughter and deliciously flamed-grilled chicken with you.”


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