July 15, 2024

The age of the side chick

This article is a Harare Magazine Reader Contribution from Caroline Motsi

“Woman, where is your shame?”

That’s a question I would love to ask every 21st century woman. Like, what is wrong with this generation? What type of insecurities do we have that make us settle for so little as to be called a sidechick? Oh no, it’s the 21st century and women do not even shy away from being called the sidechick anymore. I wont even touch man because I believe man cannot be saved, or better yet, I do not care about saving the male species from their lustful desires. Or, perhaps the only way to save them is to educate the female species on the harsh reality of being a sidechick, but surely there must be redemption for women. Oh yes, I am a proud feminist and I love to see women winning, so maybe this is a bid to try and save the women.

No really, it’s not only in memes that the sidechick is becoming more and more justified everyday, but every week I come across a girl who decided to stay in a relationship even after discovering that they are a sidechick. If it were for love, I would understand. But no, it’s not even for love. Ask them why and they will tell you it’s for revenge. Revenge! Really, please do explain further how staying in that toxic relationship is revenge?

”I’m ‘chopping his money.’’

That’s the reply you will get from a modern day sidchick. “CHOPPING” his money, they say; that just leaves me without words. How can a woman say that? And confidently, no less. So, basically all you are saying is that you are a gold-digger and you couldn’t let go of the mine. All that you are communicating is that you are foolish, ambitionless and stupid.

What happened to the lady who does not seek to be taken care of? The lady who is always posting about being a boss lady? The woman who is not in any competition with another woman over men? What happened to the woman who knows what she brings to the table and is not afraid to eat alone? Are we going back to those years where having a man and getting married was a success. It’s not even about love anymore, because if it were, this sidechick thing wouldn’t even be a thing.

Well, women, someone has to say the truth at some point. Men in this day and age have you by the shackles and it’s time you wake up!

Harare born Caroline Mufaro Motsi is a fashion design student at Chinhoyi University of Science and Technology. Her passions include reading, writing and fashion. Be on the lookout for her upcoming fashion blog and follow her instagram page @kingkarole. Click here to learn how you can contribute an article to Harare Magazine.

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