July 15, 2024

VIP Hosting: Bringing The Sparkle to Luxury Events in Zimbabwe

Fresh flowers, perfectly aligned detailing, custom décor and an amazing team to bring to life your dream event. The epitome of luxury events is what VIP Hosting is known for and this growing event company has taken Zimbabwean events by storm. The impressive work done by the small but powerful team behind VIP Hosting is a lovely fusion of vision, style and impeccable execution.

From beautiful wedding to sophisticated corporate events intimate birthday bashes and not forgetting Rooras (Traditional weddings/Lobola). VIP Hosting is renowned for their custom events and for setting trends in the local events industry. Most of all, they always bring the sparkle to events! I had the pleasure of sitting down with VIP Hosting’s Luxury Event planner, the stylish Craig Zoowie. Here are my 10 minutes and 10 questions with the renowned Craig Zoowie of VIP Hosting.  


  • When did VIP Hosting form, who are the key team leaders, and how have you grown over the years?

Our Creative Director\Chief Florist Lungile teamed up with myself as The Luxury Event Designer and we later met up with Kevin, The Wedding Planner, and together we birthed VIP Hosting. Like any business, it was difficult trying to get into the market where people had no idea of who we were or which events we had done. We forged ahead and sold ourselves off our passion for what we live for which is Luxury Events. We executed them the best way we knew how: through a strong work ethic, sleepless nights, commitment and desire to be the very best and to exceed each client’s expectations.

  1.  What do you think is most exciting about event planning in Zimbabwe?

It could mostly be the challenges that make it more exciting for us, where we then are pushed to deliver despite the ever-changing weather patterns that disrupt the horticulture locally, limited venues, etc. Regardless of what happens as an Event Designer, one has to try to achieve the clients’ dream event as much as possible. That means thinking on your feet all the time and making sure you present your best.

  1. What are the challenges?

Generally, budgets restrict a lot of people from having their absolute dream events. While we aim to bring events to life, one’s budget can certainly limit the grandeur of the event.

  1. For 2018-2019, what are the key trends in the events market?

For this coming season, there are more textures in the linen, cleaner and crisp décor to go with the more contemporary approach to event planning. Be sure to follow us for more on this season’s luxury trends.

  1. What is new in the Zimbabwean wedding market?

The market is always changing but currently naked tables are trending at the moment, along with more elaborate cake cutting ceremonies. However, the biggest trends are traditional weddings, which is the lobola/Roora. Nowadays, the Roora ceremony is just as important as the white wedding and is a current hit – we are bringing all the frill to each part of the Zimbabwean wedding experience.

  1. Are destination weddings a growing trend?

Yes, they certainly are. Exciting times for the local market means the industry is expanding its horizons and clients also seek unique and custom events.

  1.  Your top 3 favourite locations in the country to host events?

For now, our top 3 are:

  • Luxurious Hotels with opulent chandeliers and dramatic ceilings.
  • Crisp bare canvas venues that allow for amazing Event Styling.
  • Glass framed marquees
  1. How do you scout your providers and partners?

We go through a very strict and thorough process to ensure we work with suppliers who can deliver the same quality and standard of events. We take into account their previous work ethic, the quality of their products and their confidence in themselves or brand.

  1. What has been the biggest or most exciting event you have planned this far?

All our events have been absolutely amazing for us from the moment we meet our clients throughout the planning process. Thereafter the design and styling to the actualization.

Brides are Kevin’s heart and his investment in each wedding production he puts together and makes each detail personal for the client and us. Lungi puts her heart and soul into each floral design element, carefully handpicking florals as per the brief to the moment she hands over the gorgeous bouquet to the bride.

Corporate & Lifestyle Events give me such an excitement. I love the styling of each event from the invitation card design to the actual floor plan. Each event should be an experience for the client and their guests. The aesthetics in each space should speak about the client and just ooze luxury.

  1. Future plans for the brand?

We have a number of plans but we are looking at not just growing locally but internationally.  VIP Hosting will establish itself has an international Luxury Eventing brand that could easily be attached to LVMH. We are here to bring the sparkle, darling, not just to Zimbabwe, but the world.

With that being said, their breath-taking work not only speaks a 1000 words, but the smiles on their clients’ and guests’ faces are the priceless moments that VIP Hosting are renowned for. They definitely bring the sparkle and more!

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