July 15, 2024

Spring is in the Air

Simply “the best time of the year” for me! Plants, shrubs and trees are all putting their“best foot forward” and starting to get new leaves or flowers. Msasa trees are changing colours, fish are spawning and to me, everything is putting energy into leaf and colour everywhere and the flowers are alive and well!

All the above “action” is about how growth and how life generates in spring and it is a very good time to look at all the wonderful beauty we so often take for granted. Gather your seeds now because it is the change of season; make sure you keep the seeds in a dark place in khaki paper or newspaper, not plastic. Everything is waiting for new life – great energy in the air and everywhere you look. That’s why we have “spring cleaning!” to get rid of the dust and dirt in the house and polish furniture! Please do not forget to put half a cup of paraffin to your floor polish, as this will give you an extra shine to wooden floors and furniture! It is also time to empty out the clothes you are tired of and give to the old people’s homes, orphanages and the needy and less-privileged in our beautiful country. This applies to the gardens as well, as it is the time to takes cuttings, gather seeds, cleaning flowerbeds and plant new flowering plants.

What to plant now for colour: at the top of the list for me is Petunias in the sun. Busy Lizzies and Cinerarias need to be planted in part morning sun and afternoon shade. They need to be fed with food, i.e. with single superphosphate, compost and a spray of folia feed, and then covered with dry grass. Lawn clippings, freshly cut or dried, can also do the job, and can be used as mulch in your flowerbeds. Lastly, water the plants well. Happy Gardening!

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