July 15, 2024

Watch your Habit, Not your weight

2019 is looming and resolution lists are growing. We all indulged a little extra and may put on unwanted “extras” but how do you motivate yourself to start moving and lose weight?


Habit can be both negative and positive and the intention is to dump the bad habits and pick up good ones that will get you closer to your desired body in summer and beyond. Make this a practical and honest exercise and ask yourself “What can I change?” once you have identified these things write them down, e.g. late-night snacking, pushing exercise aside until “next week,” tasting half the pot of food whilst cooking, finishing off the kids’ leftover food, having a second serving, not drinking enough water, etc.

Now look into implementing new and positive habits. Start by looking at what changes you can make that you can maintain overtime and hopefully forever. These may be small changes but they surely do add up in time, e.g. picking up exercise that you enjoy, eating healthy and just enough, drinking water, planning and prepping your food, etc.

Remember, your commitment at first has to be unceasing in order to achieve your goals like what day and what time you will exercise and do not allow for flexibility. Once “habit” has set, it is easier to maintain a new way of life and, in turn, you will see your body change.

Sweat Nation offers a fast and easy to do program from the comfort of your home via an online platform where we help you instil the habit of exercising every day for 20-30 minutes max whilst eating healthy with suggested food guides to suit. This platform offers trainer support and a community of positive people who are on the same path from Zimbabwe and beyond. Our success speaks for itself. Visit Sweat Nation on Facebook for more information.

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