February 22, 2024

Twala Trust Dog Clinics

The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary is situated in the heart of a rural community.

Every Tuesday, we hold a free community veterinary clinic for dogs belonging to low and no-income families. Firstly, dogs are sterilized and vaccinated and then these dogs are registered at the clinic for free veterinary care for the rest of their lives.

The aim of the clinic is three-fold: to eradicate rabies in the area surrounding the Sanctuary in order to protect both the community, as well as the animals and people at Twala; to reduce the dog population through sterilization, which in turn reduces incidence of disease, the poaching of wildlife and vastly improves the quality of life of the dogs; and finally, to allow rural households to own dogs that are healthy and well-cared-for and that are of benefit in terms of providing security and companionship.

We feed up to 600 dogs each Tuesday with donated meat, rice and biscuits.

Each dog attending the clinic is dipped to control ticks and fleas, and when necessary, dogs are examined by our resident veterinarian, Twala Trustee Dr Vinay Ramlaul. Every week, four dogs are sterilized and these dogs receive a new collar and lead, much to the delight of the owners.

As many as a dozen dogs each week will receive free treatment which can include treating snake bites and dog bites, burns, biliary, cancerous growths and skin conditions, and even extensive surgical procedures, such as pinning broken limbs.

Up to 25 dogs are vaccinated each week. All treatment is donated by the 24-Hour Veterinary Surgery. Dog food, vaccinations and some drugs are donated by sponsors.

Elderly or frail dogs take home a lunchbox of biscuits and a bottle of “puppy milk” to give them additional nutrition at home.

Some dogs that have suffered catastrophic injuries or elderly dogs that can no longer be cared for by their owners find a forever home at Twala Trust where they can live out their lives with the hands on care that they need.

The Trust is home to 52 rescued dogs and this happy group of canines is known as the Waggley Tail Club. On any given day we will feed at least 60 dogs at the Trust – our own rescued dogs plus dogs recuperating from surgery or illness.

Volunteers from all over the world travel to Twala to be part of this initiative and to work with the hundreds of other rescued birds and animals in our care at the Sanctuary.

Whilst children wait for their dogs to be fed or seen by the vet at the weekly clinic, the Twala outdoor library provides books and drawing materials so that children can spend some time quietly reading or colouring in the company of their dogs.

Many of the children walk very long distances just to access a meal for their dogs each week. The bond between the children and their dogs is strong; with education and practical assistance available, the dogs become valued companions. The clinic also provides an opportunity for conservation education within the community, and the children at the local school visit the Twala Trust free of charge to see our lions and other animals each year.

If you would like further information or would like to help please contact tracey@twalatrust.co.zw
For day visitor bookings call + 263 774 312 887 or +263 718 079 306

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