June 17, 2024

Nyanga. Your New Home Away From Home

Hello Harare!

We are celebrating our 1st year anniversary trading as Mbuso Travels in Zimbabwe and we have chosen our best outdoor seller to highlight part our growth and the best of travels in Zimbabwe’s local destinations.

The history to privately owned Zimbabwe properties enlightening the expansion for tourism in Zimbabwe is treasure and its continuation is such a magnificent investment to the on-going development of Zimbabwe Tourism today that every Zimbabwean should experience. Meet the Nyanga Deluxe Homes. We engaged Bengt and Asia earlier in 2017 at their beautiful and uniquely built self-catering accommodation, which has received many kind remarks.

Our recommendations

Our recommendation for the Zimbo traveler who needs to take that getaway – “Dolce Far Niente” Getting up early, brewing yourself a cuppa, and watching the sunrise from behind Inyangani. Enjoying breakfast in the refreshing mountain air on our large sunny terrace, while taking in the serene silence of your surroundings. Make yourself comfortable on one of the many granite rocks strewn about the estate and contemplate the majesty of Nyanga’s mesmerizing landscape. Laze in one of the luxurious leather sofas and soak up the warmth of the roaring Jetmaster. Sip sundowners at the stone table on the granite outcropping next to the house, and then marvel at the Milky Way stretching like a celestial highway from the southern to the northern horizon.  Ask Marcus to light up the braai on the terrace. Share a few laughs with one of our many board games.

Our partner for your private chef needs an added concierge to our self-catering accommodation portfolio Deankarra Chef -Tafadzwa Anifasi and his talented colleague Costa Justa headed out to Nyanga this year with clients for some “Dolce Far Niente.” A bit of History on the Derry Residential Estate ‘’Our house and cottages are located on Derry of Liverpool Estate, a 200-hectare property that straddles the Rusape – Nyanga Road.  Most of the property is on the south side, where the house and cottages are. Derry is located at an altitude of 1,900m and sits on top of a ridge that slopes down steeply towards the east, thereby offering views of Mt Inyangani, Rupurara, World’s View, Sussurumba, Punch Rock, as well as sweeping views of Nyanga National Park. There are currently 15 properties on the Estate, with several plots still for sale.

Some History

Our house was built in the mid-nineties by Mr. and Mrs. Orth, retired teachers from Germany who fell in love with the Nyanga area while on holidays in Zimbabwe and decided to retire there. They built the cottages to be able to accommodate visiting family and friends a few years later. After several years, as Zimbabwe was plunged into an economic crisis and family and friends stayed away, they decided to return to Germany. A group of friends from Harare purchased the house and cottages in the early 2000s. Since then, a number have left the country, leaving two owners: Ms. Marijke Legerstee, Asia & Bengt Post, from Harare.


More on The Two Fully Equipped and Serviced Holiday Homes Only 240km from Harare – with sweeping views of Mount Inyangani, Rupurara, and Nyanga National Park.  This is one of the most magical and quiet spots in Zimbabwe. Five minutes to London Stores and Pine Tree Inn, 10 minutes to Montclair Casino, 15 minutes to Claremont Golf Club, 20 minutes to Nyanga National Park, 20 minutes to Nyangombe Falls, 40 minutes to Troutbeck. The main house is a beautifully appointed and fully equipped and serviced stone building set in a lovely garden with a large living area, open-plan kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.
Large Jetmaster-fired living room with sitting, breakfast and dinner areas.
 Fully fitted kitchen, with electric, gas and wood stoves, fridge
 Large furnished terrace with braai and stunning views
 Master bedroom with two single beds
 En-suite bathroom with bath, shower
 Washing machine, chest freezer
At the end of the garden, you’ll find the recently refurbished fully equipped and serviced cottages, built in traditional style and snugly secluded. The main cottage has a spacious living area and open-plan kitchen.
 Main cottage with living/dining area, open-plan fully fitted kitchen, fireplace
 Small furnished terrace with braai and stunning views
 Three en-suite bedrooms with double beds
 Bedding, towels and two extra mattresses available
 Carport

What else can you get up to in Nyanga?

Reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands and English moors, rather than tropical Africa, the Eastern Highlands make up the longest mountain range in the country. Nyanga lies on the north end of this chain and boasts breath-taking views, numerous waterfalls, varied activities, and unique flora and fauna. The area consists of Nyanga town, a few villages, the 47,000ha Nyanga National Park, Zimbabwe’s highest mountain (Mount Inyangani at 2,592m), as well as its highest waterfall, the Mtarazi Falls, which drops 762m into the lushly tropical Honde Valley, on the border with Mozambique. Rolling hilltops studded with huge, smoothly rounded granite outcrops towering over steep gorges and wide valleys dominate the landscape. The Pungwe River has carved a spectacular route southwards and eastwards from the foot of Mount Inyangani.  Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands have been populated since the dawn of man and are rich in archaeological sites, including remnants of Iron Age villages and hilltop forts, such as the Chawomera and Nyangwe Forts inside the park.


Beside the majestic views, refreshing waterfalls and strenuous walks, Nyanga offers many exciting activities. Some of the finest trout fly fishing in Africa can be found in many of the Park’s rivers and lakes, all of which are kept well-managed and stocked. For the fit and brave, activesports.co.zw provides a calendar of sporting events in the area.

Walking, hiking and cycling

Nyanga is Zimbabwe’s top spot for walkers, hikers and cyclists.  Walk up to Mount Inyangani from the car park in the National Park.  This is the finish of the grueling Blue Cross (bluecross.co.zw) – a 500km walking and cycling race from the lowest to the highest point in the country that takes place every August. Visit the Nyangombe Falls next to Udu lodges, or the Pungwe, Mtarazi and Nyamuziwa Falls inside the Park. If you want to get wet, careen down the natural rock slide into the clear crips water of the Nyangombe “swimming pool.” Take in World’s View above the Troutbeck Inn or climb one of the giant granite kopjes scattered around the area for spectacular 360° views. Cycle to Bonda,

Nyanga, Troutbeck or in the National Park.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can download hiking and mountain biking trails onto your GPS from http://plotaroute.com. If you wish to stay closer to home, ask our caretaker Marcus Manjoro to show you around. Marcus is from the area and knows it like his back pocket.


For some of the best fly-fishing in Africa you should visit the Gairezi Valley. The National Parks and private dams provide good fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout. National Park dams, where boats can be rented, include Mare, Udu (for bream), Rhodes, Gulliver and Purdon dams. Trout were introduced from the Cape in 1934.  They have flourished and stocks are maintained by the National Parks service. Nyanga’s annual trout fishing tournament will take place this year from 2 to 4 October. Contact National Parks or the Rhodes Nyanga Hotel for more information.


Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands offer some of the finest mountain golf courses. The nine-hole courses at Claremont and Troutbeck will leave you gasping for breath, not only because of the surroundings, but also from climbing up to the tee boxes and dragging yourself up the fairways. Further afield, the world-class Leopard Rock course in the Vumba mountains is a golfer’s dream, and the Aberfoyle Tea Estate in the Honde Valley is the perfect venue to combine a round of golf with a birding walk.


Nyanga and the Honde Valley provide some of the most exciting birding in the country.  In the summer months, the open montane grasslands are home to the endangered Blue Swallow.  Other grassland species to look out for include the Singing Cisticola, Wailing Cisticola, Cape and Fan-tailed Grassbirds and the Common Quail. The Augur Buzzard and Long-crested Eagle are the most common raptors in the area and can often be seen perched on telephone lines along the main roads. The large variety of aloes attracts a host of sunbirds, including the Malachite Sunbird, Miombo Double-collared Sunbird, Variable Sunbird, Bronzy Sunbird and Olive Sunbird. Around the forest areas, look out for Livingstone’s Turaco, Cape Robin-Chat, Whyte’s Barbet, White-tailed Crested
Flycatcher, Blue-spotted Wood Dove and Robert’s Warbler.  The Honde Valley offers a wide range of
species difficult to find in other parts of the country.

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