June 17, 2024

Harare’s Best Peri-Peri Chicken?

Harare likes it hot!

Peri Peri Chicken is served all over Harare – no need to go to Mozambique to get the real deal!

This month, Sole Sistas reviewed a few of Harare’s top spots to eat peri peri chicken. Whilst there are so many different restaurants, we have to say that without a doubt, our top 3 picks were Paula’s Place, Coimbra and Bakers.

Paula’s Place

Paula’s Place is great for when you need a quick lunch. The service is super-fast and we love going there, as the staff and Paula know us well and always look after us! Their famous chicken Frango is always tasty and tender, and for those who like it hot, Paula’s is definitely the place to go! (Of course, you can also add a dash of their signature chilli sauce for a little extra fire). We also ordered the chicken schnitzel this time and it was fantastic! For dessert lovers, Paula does a mean crème caramel, too. Paula’s Place was a little more expensive than Coimbra and Bakers but then, we think Paula’s chickens and portions are much bigger.


For years and years, Coimbra has continued to charm and delight customers; it is a weekly regular for so many people in Harare. Coimbra’s “free food,” the dipping sauce with garlic and chilli and fresh bread, is known from East to West and loved by all! Service is also quick and efficient and their half chicken, prepared hot, and salad is our favourite! Year after year, Coimbra chicken with a gin and tonic has been a monthly regular for us. It’s like going home for Mom’s dinner!


Then along comes Bakers, the new kid on the block! Bakers is situated by Bishopslea School and is a little Halaal eatery that has won us over! Honestly, we think their chicken was the tastiest and their prices were by far the best. Although it may be a little out of the way for some, it’s really worth trying.

Honorable Mentions

We have to give “Honourable Mention” to the creative space at Alechi! The restaurant is charming, the Portuguese chicken is delicious and the price is right. Give them a try but you better book ahead – they fill up quickly!

Coimbra 04-700237
Paula’s Place 04-497950
Bakers 0772-282425
Alechi – 0779-364640

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