February 22, 2024

‘World in a Glass’ – Final WINE Destination, Chile

“Artists and poets still find life’s meaning in a glass of wine” – Joy Sterling, A Cultivated Life

This invitation could not have come at a better time. Having made the difficult decision of drinking less wine, my palate was longing for an excuse of having that glass of wine. It wasn’t the promise of tasting wines from seven different countries that stirred the wine enthusiast in me. It was Chile that caught my attention, as that was what my current read had been about.

The ‘World in a Glass’ evening was hosted at the plush garden restaurant of Amanzi, led by Bunny, our seasoned wine specialist. The ambience was enough to get anyone in the mood, as this fine evening promised a wine journey filled with wine travel excitement. The Old World dominated with wines from Europe, namely France, Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria, and the New World, with wines from Zimbabwe, South Africa and Chile. I had made a decision that my wine journey was headed for a Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile. That would be my final destination.

I was forced into a short layover in South Africa to taste The Chocolate Block 2012. It is a quality wine blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache noir Cinsault and Viognier. In no way indicating chocolate flavours, it’s a wine I’ve always known of, shopped for, but never really gave it my wine ‘time of day.’ Paired with Lindt dark chocolate, and my preference lying in having the two separate, it was characterized with a mix of spices and floral characters which curiously stimulated my palate. It proved a soulful wine, filled with balance and easily formed a friendship with my palate. The wine was indeed a marvel!

Chile is a South American country with vines growing along the Pacific coast, which is a length of about 1300km. Cabernet Sauvignon is Chile’s most widely planted variety. My taste buds watered down my palate as my thoughts raced to the idea of tasting yet another Cabernet Sauvignon, except this time from Chile. A Marques de Casa Concha 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine from the iconic Concha Y Toro winery, founded by Don Melchor. It is a winery with a vast wine output and yet is able to offer wines of unfaltering quality. A few years ago it was the world’s largest winery in volumes produced and subsequently the most compelling brand.

The Marques de Casa Concha 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, is a deliciously deep red wine filled with blackberry and a whiff of smoke-like concentrated flavours. The love for Cabernet Sauvignon held in my wine heart was awakened and a smile of anticipation comfortably set itself on my face. With a sniff, swirl and a sip, my palate came to life. The wine, complex, yet full of promise, had a classy velvety palate and a pleasant lingering aftertaste. It paired wholesomely with gourmet lamb meatballs. The distinct Cabernet Sauvignon flavours begged to be shared in a second glass.

Allow yourself to be taken to your desired destination, wine lovers, and hopefully, find ‘life’s meaning.’ Make it your ‘world in a glass.’ To all wine lovers and wine enthusiasts alike, it’s a Marques de Casa Concha, Cabernet Sauvignon and The Chocolate Block cheers.

The Chocolate Block and Marques de Casa Concha, are distributed by Brands Africa and are readily available in our local retail supermarkets, liquor outlets and selected restaurants.

Pictures courtesy of Brands Africa


Carménère, a red grape varietal is considered as Chile’s signature grape.

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