June 17, 2024

All things athleisure and streetwear with Dean Hunda

Winter is coming and so is the fitness craze to get our summer bodies ready for when the cold weather comes to an end.

Dean Hunda

Intricate Lifestyle founder, Dean Hunda, spoke with us about all things athleisure and streetwear to keep you looking trendy both in and outside the gym in the coming season.

Intricate Lifestyle is an elite streetwear brand that merges the latest street style and athleisure designs from around the globe with a personal touch that makes the brand unique and appealing to anyone who loves a no-fuss look that will surely set them apart!

CM: Hi there Dean, tell us about yourself

DH: Hey, my name is Dean Hunda and I’m 25 years old. I grew up in Bulawayo and then I moved to Harare, where I started Intricate lifestyle in May 2018. I ventured into fashion that year after my friends encouraged me to because they felt I had a great sense of style.                           

CM: How did you come up with the name Intricate Lifestyle?

DH: We had the initial idea of developing a wide range of products and services that cater for the lifestyle of the new, savvy generation and recognizing how there are a lot of fine, complex and elaborate elements – intricate elements – that come together to define what one’s lifestyle is like, the name “Intricate Lifestyle” came about.

CM: In your own words, describe what your brand is about as well as how you intend for it to be perceived by the public and how your intent is communicated in the way your designs are made.

DH: Intricate lifestyle is a brand for strong personalities who are looking for quality, special designs and distinctive details. Uniqueness is translated in limited editions. The production is based in Zimbabwe where Intricate lifestyle always strives to find the best available materials, fit and finishing to create well-made pieces with special and surprising details. All these intricate elements ensure that the uniqueness of one’s personality can be reflected in all the pieces they purchase.

CM: To what degree are you involved in the conceptual and strategy phases of your designs?

DH: I have taken a very hands-on approach to all aspects of the brand. Everything is designed by our in-house design team who pay careful attention to garment construction, innovative fabric sourcing, custom prints and signature branded finishing. Pushing the boundaries to reach new levels, we progressively grow with each new collection we design.

CM: What is your ideal target market?

DH: Fashion for a future generation delivered with attitude and style make up the brands marketing and constant.

CM: Tell us about your latest collection.

DH: Fear fears me season 1 is the latest collection. It’s about overcoming your fears. We are trying to send a message to the masses that anyone can overcome their fears and achieve greatness. That’s reflected in the edgy designs and the boldness of the letter designs.

CM: Your brand has a commendable online presence. How do you think mainstream media (from Fashion Weeks to Fashion Magazines) has to change to accommodate the next wave of independent creators like yourself?

DH: I think that if they focus on being more relatable than uber-creative and esoteric then they can identify the value in the next wave of creatives like myself because our focus is on designs that fit perfectly into a person’s life without compromising on uniqueness, quality and creativity because we design from the perspective of the people not lofty offices and creative boards isolated from the masses. Rihanna is one example of someone who is breaking those barriers with women’s make-up and lingerie in mainstream fashion.

CM: What has been the most monumental experience in your design career thus far?

DH: Being able to start delivering merchandise to the market. I only started doing so this year but before that I faced a lot of challenges that almost led to me being discouraged but I didn’t back down and this year things worked out and I have a growing following and customer base.

CM: What has had the biggest impact on your design process and ultimately the designs you create?

DH: The font style’s we use go along with the message written on the clothing, so our selection of font is always intentionally specific to the message being communicated.

CM: What one word sums up the future of your brand?

DH: Lol. Intricate, obviously. We aim to provide a brand that will enhance streetwear in a manner that is innovative and unique but also intricately constructed by our design team

CM: What are your plans for the second quarter of 2019?

DH: We are grateful for the positive feedback that we have received from our customers, we are planning to re-strategize due to the changing world of retail.

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