July 15, 2024

Leap into Valentine’s Day, Sparkling With a ‘Diva’

“Champagne, inseparable companion of joyous heavenly events, crown of festivities and special celebrations. Champagne, symbol of friendship, toast of state banquets…ritual that launches steamships and airplanes! Remembrance of rebirth, joyful tear of anniversary, stamp of victory and peace, holy dedication to love.” – Geneviève Dévignes, French historian

A happy Valentine’s day to you wine lovers. As I’m writing this article, I’ve involuntarily been swept off my feet and floating on the ‘love’ cloud, that’s in the air. Valentine’s day, commemorated on the 14th of February, is a day celebrated throughout the world in so many different ways. Even though the defensive lover may argue that true love needn’t have to wait for a specifically dedicated day, I am of the opinion, go with the flow. Take this day and in fact the entire month, to remember romance on what others call St. Valentine’s Day or Feast of St. Valentine’s Day.

Of notable importance this year wine lovers, is the Celebration of Valentine’s Day in a leap year. There are several romantic antics on the leap year theory. One commonly known, derived from a Scottish tradition, the leap year tradition allowed women to propose marriage to men on Valentine’s day. According to the PR Newswire online, “the significance of Leap year stemmed from 13th century Scotland when Queen Mary set a law that women could propose any time they liked during a leap year – to single men – of which, refusal from men resulted in being fined by buying either a silk dress or pair of gloves to the woman.

This leap year Valentine’s, wine lovers let’s take bold strides towards celebrating romance and relive 13th century Scottish tradition with a wine proposal. Let that love arrow be shot from ‘her’ to ‘him.’  A sparkling wine is the perfect place to get your romance rendezvous started. Bubbles are the cutting edge, when it comes to celebrations. What better way than celebrating with two Blaauwklippen sparkling wines distributed by Latilla Wines.

Diva Zinfandel Brut Reserve (Méthode Cap Classique)

This 100% Zinfandel grape based sparkling wine is a white sparkling wine made from dark skinned grapes using the traditional method of making sparkling wine. It’s a first of its kind in South Africa and oozes bubbles of specialty in that regard. The pink-dominated label flirtingly reminds wine lovers of softness, infatuating femininity and a total embodiment of a selfless love. The name, Diva, will happily swirl you into the month of romance. This sparkling wine will bring out the starlet in you and let you take the lead this Valentine’s. Its enticing pale colour, and layered nose of summer fruit smothered with a biscuit twist delicately seduce the palate into a tasting. Tiny, creamy, flavor-filled bubbles elegantly burst with a dreamy freshness that immediately brings out the ‘Diva’ in you. The elegantly lasting finish will no doubt let ‘him’ and ‘her’ have a lasting connection with the ‘Diva’ in a bottle.

Ons Sprankel – Pétillant Rosé

Another Zinfandel-based sparkling that urges you on to ‘make everyday a celebration.’ The attractive salmon-pink colour is fun-filled, light and hearty. It’s so lively, it will bring out the little girl or boy in you wine lovers. Have an enjoyable and playful romance this valentine’s with fun in a glass. Sprankel means ‘shine’ (in Afrikaans). With a nose of strawberry and peaches and a palate that shouts fruity, light and freshness, this slightly sparkling has every reason to offer no apology, but to just ‘shine’ around your romance-filled celebration, today, tomorrow and always.

How you choose to celebrate your Valentine’s Day is your choice – wine lovers. If you love ancient tradition, then leap into Valentine’s this leap year and be the ‘Diva.’ If you are not one to go with the flow, take a sparkling moment and let the day go by. Whichever way, it’s the month of romance and romance shall be celebrated. With my glass of Diva sparkling in hand, I’d better get busy with taking a lovers leading role. Until next week wine lovers, it’s a sparkling cheer to love.

Blaauwklippen Diva and Ons Sprankel sparkling wines are available from Latilla Wines and selected retail outlets





“Blaauwklippen became the first winery outside of the USA to join ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates and Producers) in 2008”

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