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Sherry – One Of The World’s Best-Known Fortified WINES

“If penicillin can cure those that are ill, Spanish sherry can bring the dead back to life.” – Sir Alexander Fleming

A Happy Father’s Day wine loving dads. 

There are moments when I feel comfortable closing my eyes on a well-lit chilly evening and allowing my mind to drift, this particular one, Luther Vandross is filling my ears with “Dance with my Father”. I let myself float over vineyards, the people who work these vineyards right through to the process of winemaking and finally to the bottling. There is no better time to do this, than father’s Day, a day especially set aside to celebrate and make our dear fathers feel special. It’s not an everyday mind-travel, but the sort of travel that is stimulated by different events, celebrations or just a purely different space.

A few years back, I was a participant at the DGB Trade Show in Johannesburg, with a significant number of fun loving and excited wine lovers. Even the chilly June evening could not hamper the spirits of those present. It’s always about wine, isn’t it? I’ll leave you to answer that wine lovers. Well as for me, I decided to make it a Sherry evening. Why Sherry, you might ask? I guess the saying ‘taste everything’ was playing in my head and besides, I have always had this picture of Sherry and pot bellied men.

Sherry, just like Port, is a fortified wine. By fortified, it means that alcohol is added to base wine during or after fermentation which raises the alcohol level or stops fermentation. Two of the best-known fortified wines of the world are Port from Portugal and Sherry from Spain. The famous region for Sherry production lies in the South west of Spain, in Andalucia, in the city of Jerez de la Frontera. Even though, this fortified wine was more popular in the olden days, its popularity has decreased in modern day wine drinking. In today’s wine world, Sherry is still being produced and consumed all over the world and it is only in Spain that one is allowed to label it as sherry. Three main grapes are used, Palomino, Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel. I’ll save you the technical intricacies, wine lovers, and leave you with a bit of knowledge on the production of Sherry. Sherry is found in two main categories, fino (these develop flor) and oloroso (these never develop flor), and subsequently, a variety of styles are made from those two mentioned categories.

Douglas Green for me has been that household name in South African wines that I’ve always known but never quite drawn into its space. Well known for sourcing quality grapes to give wine drinkers affordable wine with attributes. It is in this same vein, that Douglas Green has extended their enthusiasm in offering more to wine drinkers by furthering their sourcing journey into the well-known region for Sherry, Spain. Perhaps this Father’s Day will be a day that you look forward to sharing or gifting something different in celebration.

A taste of the Douglas Green Sherry Range

 Douglas Green pale Cream Sherry – No. 1

Sweetened in style, this sherry’s nose gave me a warm feeling. I felt like floating with the floral delight it promised, reminding me of the yester year delightful conversations my father and I used to have. The palate consumed my being with its honey coated fruit salad and an ease of character. I definitely started to float.

Douglas Green Medium Dry Sherry – No. 2

Its dark colour displayed an intenseness I expected to find on the nose and palate. Filling my nose with dried fruit aromas that instantly reminded me of a variety of dried fruit, dusted with a sweet spice. The palate, generous with flavours displayed a plush elegance with every lasting sip, which I agreeably equated to my father’s endless love. Several other wine lovers living this Spanish dream smacked their lips in agreement.

Douglas Green Cream Sherry – No. 3

It was the colour that got my attention, a deep bronze colour. The richness of its dried fruit flavours deliciously prominent on the nose. Raisins. I was filled with a pleasant warming on my palate and a silkiness that could only spell finesse and pure indulgence. For the wine lover who enjoys bolder flavours, and long evenings with your father’s company, it’s a definite treat.

My Sherry journey proved to be time well spent and enjoyed. Douglas Green wines are distributed in our local market and I’m definitely going to be in search of their Sherry range, and here’s to hoping they’re available. Wine lovers, open your hearts, and open your minds, a surprise awaits you on your wine journey. With temperatures lying low these days, surprise your father with a Sherry, this Father’s Day. Play a game of love and discovery and see where your warmth may come from. Until next time wine lovers, keep doing what you do best; stay safe and just make sure you have your dad and a glass of sherry to toast away Father’s Day.

Pictures from www.douglasgreenwines.com



Not all Sherry is sweet. Fino Sherry is the palest and driest.

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