July 15, 2024

Mellow Creme brings back True Love

Zimbabwean Afro Hiphop Artist Mellow Creme has done a remake of the 90s classic True Love by Busi Ncube and Ilanga. Inspired and sampling the original pop classic this is an ode to Zimbabwean music and a dedication to his wife. We are living in an unpredictable time were we question everything around us including the relationships and values that used to exist in the past. True Love is laced with poetry that you can recite to your loved one be they your husband, wife, bae, sibling or son or grandparents. A song fit for a wedding it is also perfect for a goofy Sunday afternoon with those you care about.

Featuring the sweet vocals and guitar magic of Carlo Music this song was inspired by Mellow’s drive to showcase the best from Zimbabwe in an era filled with Naija and South African influences on African hiphop and pop music. Recorded by David Sengwayo at WhereItsAt Records with Carlo playing a vintage 1984 Fender to Mellow Creme’s vocals and through Busi Ncube’s blessing this is Mellow’s 2020 gift to Africa. There’s nothing like a fresh perspective of classic Zimbabwean music to remind us of our resilience and rich music culture which resonates throughout generations. This single introduces the fusion of more authentic Zimbabwean sounds in Mellow Creme’s music as he works on an 2021 album to be titled Fruits Of My Roots.

A lyric video is now on his Vevo Channel. The video is an animation of handmade paper art (quilling) telling a love story of two giraffes in the African landscape kissing through the seasons of time. The giraffe couple also features on the single’s artwork kissing in the clouds. Pregnant with interpretation we will let the fans pick what they can from this love story and see what identifies with them.

Link to Vevo Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_Z14cf3Ugs

Song is available on all online streaming channels ITunes, Deezer, Soundloud, Spotify and even Tidal.

About Mellow Creme:

Zimbabwean Afro Hip-Hop artist Mellow Creme is a singer, illustrator, poet and Creative Director , plying his trade in the capital city Harare, the very heartbeat of urban art. He released his debut album Mellow Madness in 2016 followed by a mixtape called ‘Mellowdramatic Vol 1’ in 2017, with rap lyrics that touch mainly on love and pan Africanism.

Mellow is not afraid to push boundaries in his art. Poetry is his strength and a song is not just a melody to him. It is a collage, a painting, a sketch or sometimes a book. He writes, records and performs with his band so when he goes live expect a soulful live performance like never before.

He has grown in leaps and bounds as a performing artist experimenting with many different sounds and now he is firmly set on a fusion of Hip Hop with traditional Zimbabwean sounds.

Having performed at HIFA (Harare International Festival of the Arts) in 2018 he has also headlined The GOG Africa Day Invasion in 2019 sharing the stage with Cassper Nyovest, Kuzani and Samthing Soweto. 

Management:Margaret Chigumira:bookings@mellowcreme.com

Mobile :+263713058689

Website: www.mellowcreme.com 


Twitter: https://twitter.com/mellowcremelove/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mellowcremelove/



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