July 15, 2024

Creative local partnership to stimulate Zimbabwean FMCG

HARARE ​- Efoods, the Harare-based food manufacturer, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership between the beloved ZimboKitchen blog and its Mr. Sauce brand.

ZimboKitchen.com is the creation of renowned chef Rumbie Shoko and a showcase of Zimbabwe’s rich cultural and traditional cooking history, as well as a modern integration of international cooking with a local twist.

The award-winning website will be home to the Mr. Sauce campaign which will also run across ZimboKitchen’s other digital channels, including their free Android app – a treasure house of step-by-step cooking tutorials.

“Rumbie is a dedicated chef, deeply passionate about local cuisine and an advocate for Zimbabwean food. She is the perfect ambassador as she truly believes in putting local brands first. We admire her passion and there is an obvious alignment in our values,” said Justin Evans – Efoods Marketing Manager.

The Mr. Sauce range embodies the #LoveLocal spirit when crafting the best quality product. Mr. Sauce is known to have a dedicated focus in supporting local industry and procuring in this way ensures every product purchased supports the hard-working Zimbabweans in the supply chain of its Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

This isn’t the first collaborative effort between Efoods and local foodies either, the brand continues to work with Carl Joshua Ncube and many other industry influencers, as evident in their social media.

Look out for more from the Efoods and the ever evolving FMCG market in Zimbabwe.

The Mr. Sauce range is available at all leading retailers & wholesalers nationwide.

About Efoods – Efoods is the premiere manufacturer of sauces and sachets in Zimbabwe. We believe tasty food
should be easy and affordable, and with our range of products it is.

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