July 15, 2024

Sketch for Survival and COP26; Art and Climate Concerns go hand in hand…

Sketch for Survival is a global art initiative in aid of conservation.

I am thrilled to be a part if it, with my sketches of African wild dogs, Lycaon pictus- an endangered predator which nevertheless is doing well in Zimbabwe within the Save valley Conservancy , Malilangwe and Gonarezhou National Park, plus the other wilderness reserves of Mana, Hwange and Matusadona, in Zimbabwe. African Wildlife Conservation Fund and Painted Dog Conservation do an essential and efficient job within Zimbabwe, of monitoring, intervention snd education outreach for these charismatic wild dogs (aka Painted Wolves, Painted Dogs)

The collection celebrates the beauty and colour of the natural world while also raising awareness about the threats facing it, including those posed by human activity. Original artworks, from oils and watercolours to sketches and street art,  feature endangered species and at-risk wild spaces. All artwork donated to Sketch for Survival is available to purchase either through our online fundraising auction in November or in our Affordable Art Gallery. ALL PROCEEDS support our projects.

We organise a number of creative initiatives to highlight the threats facing iconic species and their habitats, while also raising vital funds to help protect them. 

We’ve found art and photography to be incredibly effective vehicles for communicating about tough topics ranging from illegal wildlife crime to climate change.

When someone visits one of our exhibitions and learns that every single species or wild space pictured is threatened, and why – usually down to human activity – it has considerable impact.


A central theme of Sketch for Survival is that time is running out. The world must take action to avoid catastrophic consequences. To amplify this message our Sketch for Survival collection includes 26-minute sketches.

In stark contrast to time-consuming, complex studio artworks, the raw beauty of a sketch provides an important visual cue:  reminding us that we have limited time to get the job done. Our sketches also remind us of the shocking statistic at the heart of our campaign:

In the wild, an African elephant is lost every 26 minutes on average due to poaching.

This year’s sketch collection includes artwork kindly donated by professional artists and celebrity supporters including Karen Laurence Rowe, Lin Barrie, Jonathan Truss, Alison Nicholls, David Rankin, Hazel Sloan, Levison Wood, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Stephen Fry.

Lin Barrie, ”Lycaon pictus”, Monotype, acrylic on paper, each A2 size
Lin Barrie, ”Lycaon pictus”, Monotype, acrylic on paper, each A2 size

The Sketch for Survival Exhibition Collection is auctioned on 28 November this year following our exhibition tour which includes gallery@oxo on London’s South Bank.  ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of art support 21 projects. 

auction – https://explorersagainstextinction.irostrum.com/

I am thrilled! A print of the artwork I donated to Sketch for Survival 2021 is on display at COP26 , in the VIP Lounge Area!

Explorers Against Extinction was selected as one of only 15 organisations worldwide allowed to display in the Blue zone of COP26. 
Its a huge honour to be part of representing Explorers Against Extinction projects at such a vital event – proof that by coming together for ecosystem and climate campaigns, we can have a collective voice on the biggest stage.

The COP26 VIP lounge display features 5 A0 prints of artworks from this year’s collection. 

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