July 15, 2024

The Sushi Siren

“The fine art of preparing sushi is something that you watch and learn.” 

  – Nobu Matsuhisa (Master Sushi Chef)

From farm girl to fresh fish chef, Nicola Chapman certainly has mastered the art of preparing sushi exactly how Nobu Matsuhisa claims one must. She watched and she learned. And we give her an A*plus!

We sat down with the gorgeous and bubbly Nicola at OH SO Sushi to hear her inspiring success story of how she has contributed to bringing top-shelf sushi to Zimbabwe. After her years of studying creative branding and marketing in Cape Town, she spent some time on the yachts as a stewardess. Of course, being at sea in the Mediterranean and Caribbean meant that deliciously fresh fish came aboard the boat daily. She helped out in the kitchen and learned how to filet and prepare fresh tuna, wahoo and salmon, make sashimi and ceviche and how to present it beautifully in true Japanese style.


Upon her return to Zimbabwe in 2016, Nicola discovered that there wasn’t much choice when it came to sushi in Harare. She began a small take-away sushi business and through word-of-mouth and with the help of her sushi chefs, she established a solid name for herself. Nicola told us about the challenges and ups and down of the learning curve she experienced, but when an opportunity came along and a small space was available at Queen of Hearts in 2017, she felt ready to take the plunge and go public. Harare is so fortunate that Nicola took the sushi dive and opened OH SO Sushi!

When I asked her to describe her personal relationship with sushi, her eyes lit up like she was going to tell me about a new boyfriend! “It just makes me come alive! It’s creative and every single piece is different. It’s unique. Every day at work is different and exciting. I really just have such a love of sushi!” (P.S. There’s no new boyfriend! She is engaged to an absolute hunk!)

Nicola’s favourite dish to make right now is the Poke Bowl. This popular healthy dish allows her to be creative and inventive with seasonal produce, fruit, fish and seafood. With a happy and energetic kitchen vibe, OH SO Sushi’s passion for their work shines through in the artistic creations they produce. Nicola was also very excited to share the fabulous news about a second branch that will open soon. Stay tuned for the much-anticipated location!

Earlier this year, OH SO Sushi began an admirable and charitable program that gives back to the community. One of their bestsellers is the Show Off Platter, an eye-catching work of sushi art displayed on jacaranda boards. For every big platter sold, OH SO Sushi donates $2 to The Friendlies, a humanitarian organisation that focuses on the well being of the underprivileged, homeless and orphaned members of our community. 

If you haven’t tried OH SO Sushi, it’s OH SO time for you to get there and experience Nicola’s sparkling fresh fare! 

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