July 15, 2024

Head Over Bottles and Glasses in WINE!

“Sip me once and I’ll forget you. Sip me twice and I’ll flirt away. Sip me thrice and wine love will follow you” – L.H

Love! The word with a universally understood meaning and yet, each person that has been in, or is, in love will describe it in a way that you’ll just want to fall in love over and over again. I’ve been in love, oh yes. The whole butterflies in my stomach and heart skipping a beat kind of mushy stuff. Let’s press the stop button on that kind of love. The love I’m on about is my love for wine. My unapologetically passionate, love affair with wine.

From the tender age of around nine/ten years old, I had taken my first lively sip and a few occasions later, I was wine struck. Passion follows you around wherever you go, however old you are. The wine seed was planted with my first wine kiss. Love is a wonderfully funny feeling, especially when it weaves through your life and finally comes home to roost. I heralded my “dirty thirties” with a longing to re-ignite my love with wine. This time, I was ready for a commitment. My “life has begun” and I am madly in love with wine.

From the Old World to the New World, seductive wines to boring wines, flirtatious wines to shy wines, I love every experience. Whether I’m strolling on the streets of Rome with a Prosecco in hand, or waiting on the French to open their wine tasting room after their siesta or gleefully allowing the beckoning of a South African sip or taking my precious time to nose a Napa Cabernet, my ‘happy feet’ are in sync with my wine thoughts.

Let’s have some ‘WINEderFUN.’ Wine, travel, love, fun; take your pick and allow yourself to be seduced, all in a glass of wine. Pour an Alsace Riesling, close your eyes and head to France. Take a sip from a New Zealand Pinot Noir; let your nose do all the work of travelling thousands of miles away. Pick the wine, vino lover, and the destination will pick you. And before you know it, love will leap out of the glass.

This week’s Flirt

Boplaas Bobbejaanberg Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc seems to be living in my past these days and this zest-filled Boplaas white wine left my palate yearning for all the past weeks I had ignored this variety. The unmistakable aroma of asparagus and tinned peas leapt out of the glass with a cool freshness that beckoned me to take a sip. It’s an ideal wine lovers’ Sauvignon Blanc filled with a depth of lean flavours. It’s worth the flirt.

(This wine is available from Tabletop Trading)

I am head in first over bottles and glasses in wine and my journey is on going.  Open your bottle wine lovers and grab the seat next to me for the wine ride of your love. Sit forward and you’ll miss nothing, take your wine

glass out and let’s sip in love.


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