June 17, 2024

Sunrise and Egrets; Memories of the Old Year, Hopes for the New Year….

Hope, Serenity, Love, Family, Grace and Faith, all these we take in part from the old year past, and transition into the new year ahead….

Day by Day all we can do is learn from the tough lessons life throws at us and appreciate the beauty all around us. 

So, here’s my painting in celebration of Hope! …. my reflections on taking Flight!

Lin Barrie, “Sunrise and Egrets”, acrylic on stretched canvas, 78 x 165 cm

This painting arose from a winter walk that Kelli and I took early one morning in 2021, through the misty cold fairways of the Borrowdale Brooke. 

dew dripping from Phoenix reclinata leaves

The large dam below the Borrowdale Brooke clubhouse reflected stunning wintery clouds

At the dam, stunning wintery clouds

offering pink refuge to hundreds of egrets…

Egrets at dawn, taking flight….

That view of course sat gentle in my mind for the rest of the year of 2021, until a painting recently happened!……

Detail from “Sunrise and Egrets”

The resident family of Egyptian geese sailed through golden light in front of us as we walked, (who needs a goose that lays a golden egg when we have these beauties every day?!)……,

golden geese!

They had many goslings during winter, and were a delight to watch. 

(We counted recently on a walk that they had reared more than half of those to nearly full size…a good job of parenting)!

Waterlilies glowed as we walked on and the sun rose

lending me with more painting inspiration… “Waterlilies”, acrylic on loose canvas, 94 x 104 cm
Lin Barrie, “Waterlilies”, acrylic on loose canvas, 94 x 104 cm

Sunrise, waterbirds and of course waterlilies made up an ethereal start to our day on that winters day, memories to treasure …

…and now the painting hangs in the entrance to the Golf Club

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