February 22, 2024

Nutty O shows musical prowess with Mustard Seed

Zim dancehall prodigy Nutty O whose 2021 debut album Mustard Seed topped charts has set his sights on world stage. Nutty O born Carrington Simbarashe Chiwadzwa garnered over two million streams on digital platforms combined for his debut Mustard Seed and also won two ZIMA gongs and also two awards at the National Arts Merit Awards. Nutty O aka ABX speaks to Harare Magazine (HM) on his childhood aspirations and the artiste he is today. Read the excerpts:

HM: Congratulations 2022 has been your year, what are the highlights?

ABX: Thank you, it has been a great year. Our debut album the Mustard Seed released September 2021 gained much momentum recording over 2 million streams on the digital platforms, Awards Season also came with many nominations for the various projects and for me as an Artist. Thankful.

HM: Explain to us how your music career started?

ABX: It was an inevitable pursuit of childhood aspirations. In my late teens I began to take the action of officially and professionally recording my demos and songs, gradually in 2014 I got my break from Cashlibs the producer.

HM: Do you write your own songs?

ABX: Yes I compose and write all my songs myself.

HM: Explain why you called your debut Mustard Seed?

ABX: It is The from the ground to the sky story. Small but tenacious, conquering yet very fruitful. These are some of the characteristics of the mustard seed- a very familiar and celebrated image of faith and strength. Likewise, the very same ethos runs in Nutty O’s career and it was inevitable for the first album to be named after this revered seed. Nutty O emerged on the scene rapidly and his hold on the game grew in “a very good kind of slow way”. The name of the album is symbolic, reflective of the twist and turns that he has faced in life- a very intimate story about Nutty O’s journey.

HM: Did you imagine that Mustard Seed will be a hit album?

ABX: Yes, this we ‘knew’ from the confidence that is in knowing the album carried excellent songs in every way. We were just eager to see if the audience would receive it with the same zeal, and behold, they did A humbling honor.

HM: What was the key message on Mustard Seed?

ABX: The key message is Connect to Jah Jah, Love, Succeed, EMERGE

HM: Tell us who is who in your management team?

ABX: Currently a solid pair that compliments seamlessly between the corporate affairs, marketing, logistics, bookings etc, DIANA and RAY.

HM: What is your inspiration?

ABX: I am inspired by life itself and everyone and everything happening around me.

HM: Where do you want to take your music career?

ABX: Beyond where I have taken it now – nationally acclaimed treasure and inspiration, and positioned for growth in the regional and global spaces, it has to make transformational impact in those spaces.

HM: What can fans expect from you?

ABX: My #ABXPeople can always expect more great music and us doing this journey together on more stages, in other music videos, on our social media platforms, taking more selfies and making more memories online and offline.

HM: Do you see your brand going beyond borders?

ABX: I have seen my brand go beyond boarders already through various music projects, performances, radio and tv appearances and I see that increasing in frequency in the future… Stay tuned to our social media platforms for more.

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