July 15, 2024

Smooth non-bitter beer brand Sable Lager launches

Sable lager, an easy drinking beer brand which offers a smooth non-bitter liquid, was launched at the weekend amid a flurry of fireworks at Newlands Country Club.

This expands not only Delta Beverages’ portfolio but also the audience of consumers by being accessible to both men and women, as well as increasing the number of occasions where beer brands can be enjoyed.

In his remarks at the launch, Irimayi Muzorewa, Marketing Director said the new Sable Lager was different from their well known classic mainstream beers like Castle Lager, Lion Lager and Carling Black label. 

“Most importantly, to us, and our traders, this will give our businesses the opportunity to benefit from incremental volume, revenue and profits. 

“We need you our valued consumers and trade partners to walk with us. Internally, as we embarked on the brand launches to our staff across the country, the belief in the brand is strong,” Muzorewa said. 

“We are all the ambassadors of this brand, and it’s up to us to let the country know that there is new beer brand in town. To our trade partners, both wholesale and retail, our long-standing business partnership has shaped the beverage industry in Zimbabwe into what it is today.”

Also speaking at the launch Mr T Rinomhota, Delta Lagers General Manager said Sable Lager was a game changer because of its unique and very deliberately crafted value proposition for the target consumer.

“That, being a mainstream priced beer, adorned in bold & differentiated premium packaging, and offering a distinct smooth, and easy drinking experience reminiscent of premium brands, but at a lower price point, for our mixed gender consumers,” he said.

He said the business remained optimistic about the future of clear beer in Zimbabwe, despite the current economic challenges and the disruptions of Covid-19. 

“We will continue to invest ahead of demand, with more new brands and packs, for our new consumers and new occasions,” he said.

Kundayi Pamela Mawema, the Marketing Manager lagers, said the new beer was targeted at young and modern millennial and generation Z generations, filled with aspiration and the confidence to be and experience so much more in life. 

“As a group, you are exactly the type of consumers that we have made this brand Sable Lager for. We envisioned where they were, what they were doing, who they were doing it with, what occasions they were enjoying, what food they were eating, music they were listening to.

“All down to the last details of their daily lives, and we made sure that the type of beer and brand we were to develop, would fit in perfectly into their lives across a number of occasions, and not just for the male consumer but the female consumer as well,” Mawema said.

She emphasized that Sable lager was proudly mixed gender brand made for both men and women to enjoy confidently, with the ease of knowing that their needs will be addressed with a smooth easy drinking beer. 

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