July 15, 2024

The Pink Project

“I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.” 

                                                                     – Arthur Rubinstein –

Debi Jeans was inspired by this quote at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg Café whilst starting her own breast cancer journey eight years ago and it has remained with her every day since then. After visiting The Cancer Centre in December last year, Debi had an idea to reach out to anyone interested in painting murals on the walls of the Centre. Young Sophie Banks, recently qualified in interior design, was the first to respond and promptly designed a flyer and came up with a detailed plan of action with expert visuals, which resulted in an incredible response. 

A collaboration of artists and sponsors stepped forward three weeks ago to add life, colour, hope and brightness into the massage and counselling rooms, one passage; currently, the screening, treatment, reception and nurses’ rooms are being refurbished and then the group intends to do the four-story stairwell! The Pink Project Paint Project has a mission to not only uplift the public, patients and team who visit and work at The Cancer Association of Zimbabwe, but also to highlight the work that they do there and perhaps even attract more stakeholders and contributors to the work in the prevention, treatment, and support of all those touched by cancer.

When our contributor, Lin Barrie, submitted her article and the photographs of the beautiful murals that have been created, I knew in an instant this had to be on the cover of Harare Magazine. This is another inspiring example of how Zimbabweans support their people, their community and their colleagues. 

Debi told me, “Sometimes you just have to go out there and grab it. No matter how far away it seems. And the universe just conspires to throw things at your project.” The Pink Project refurbishment brought main sponsors Dulux, together with Artisan, Electrosales and some immensely talented artists to give back to the community through a delightful-for-all, shared creative compassion and expression. This is an on-going mission and anyone who would like to get involved is welcome to contact Debi directly on 0772 351 455. 

The Pink Project Sponsors and Artists who have come forward to date …

Zed and Caroline @ Dulux Paints 

Laura @ Artisan

Hilton @ Electrosales

Evan and Taiya @ International Coating Company

Sheila @ Shamwari Succulents

The Picture Frame

Michael and Natasha @ Aura Lighting

Debi Jeans (on cover)

Sophie Banks

Lin Barrie

Kelli Barker

Rutendo Karikoga

Chrissy O’Riordan

Taiya Scott

Kim Clipstone

Mike O’Riordan

Jackie Cable

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