June 17, 2024

Congolese musician Werrason showered with Rands in Cape Town

A filthy rich rhumba fan could not hide his elation after he made it rain on Werrason halfway through his performance throwing some wads of South African Rand.

It was quite a scene as the packed Cape Town International Convention Centre momentarily watched in awe as the Congolese star was showered with money.

And much to their delight the farewell show held over the weekend continued with Werrason belting out hit after hit including Zenga Luketo.

Energy was high on and off the stage as the crowd sang along to all his songs.

A video clip taken from the gig show Werrason and his entourage rocking the sellout crowd from start to finish.

Thousands of Congolese including other nationals thronged the CTICC for what became a night to remember.

Werrason was born Ngiama Makanda Noël in Bandundu province east of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Werrason or Werra Son was first discovered while singing in the choir of the Protestant Church of Cebezo in Kinshasa. 

In 1981, he founded a group of friends, including Adolphe Dominguez and J.B. MpianaWenge Musica, a group of followers of ndombolo.

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