June 17, 2024

New look and boujee Nando’s Avondale reopens

Exactly 6 weeks ago, Nando’s temporarily closed the first ever Nando’s Casa (restaurant) in Zimbabwe for renovations, leaving fans on the edge of their seat for the big reveal. 

On Friday the moment arrived as the Nando’s Avondale Casa opened its doors once again, with a new look and feel, ready to serve their famous flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken that Nando’s is so well known for. 

Speaking at the opening, Simbisa MD, Mr Warren Meares said, “Nando’s has a 27-year- old love affair with Zimbabwe that started at Nando’s Avondale, and that has since blazed a trail of 13 other locations nationwide. 

The brand has become a well-known and equally well-loved member of many Zimbabwean families, companies and friendships. 

It goes without saying that this milestone is one of many that we are excited about and we will definitely press on with investing in our country by revamping old Casas and opening new ones across Zimbabwe.” Key to the Nando’s Casa-design philosophy is a sense of uniqueness, and to this day there are no two Casas which look alike, worldwide!

 And, Nando’s Avondale wasn’t about to be the first. 

With a boujee new look, fans can expect to step into a more open, lit up and spacious Casa with more tables to make the circle bigger. 

In addition to this, the Casa now has more serving points which make queues a thing of the past – after all this is not the passport office! Of course, those touchpoints which create Nando’s moments, like for example the Southern African art which dresses the walls, or even the unique sound of Nando’s Heatwave Radio can still be enjoyed by guests. 

“The opening of the first Nando’s Zimbabwe was a ground-breaking moment! And 27 years later, we are standing at the same spot proudly unveiling a new and even hotter Casa. There is a buzz in the Nando’s family now and we are sure that all those who will walk into our Avondale Casa will feel it too! Our doors are once again open and everyone is welcome! After all, Mina Casa e sua Casa (Our home is your home).” said Mr Steve Chamboko, Nando’s Zimbabwe Country Manager.

“A warm and heartfelt congratulations to our Nando’s Zimbabwe family. What better way to celebrate the 27th birthday of our first ever Nando’s Casa, than with a fresh new look!

The Nando’s spirit is truly alive in Zimbabwe and, guided by the brand’s values shows us that nothing is impossible when pride, passion and a sense of family are ingredients in the recipe.” Mr John Sikiotis, CEO for Licensed Markets and India.

Nando’s have just discovered a new level of heat, and you don’t want to miss it! Pull in fam!

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