June 22, 2024


As we roll into the colder weather, Harare Magazine brings you some fantastic articles to read while you are curled up in front of the fire.

Firstly, we would like to thank our sponsors from OK Zimbabwe and the OK Grand Challenge. The promotion this year stands to be one of the most exciting yet. Who is going to win that fabulous Ford Ranger?

OK Grand Challenge Jackpot Promotion 2022 Edition

The incredible story of the homecoming of The Stars Are Bright exhibition is a truly fascinating account of the journey of this historic and important collection of art. Mark your calendars for July 15th when the exhibition will shine brightly at the National Art Gallery. The exhibition will run for three months. 

Cheryl Musimwa has talked with two of our greatest up and coming fashion designers in Zimbabwe. Read about the inspiring stories of Omar Qassim Kaisi and Cheryl Johnson. You’ll want to go find these stylish designs!

Beverley Jack tells us about the benefits of spatial designs in your home and the courageous Karen Tselentis relates her personal challenges in the face of a frightening diagnosis. 

Once again, I continue to be blown away by the fortitude and resilience of the fine people of Zimbabwe. I really hope you enjoy this issue!

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