June 17, 2024

A new broom sweeps clean; mark-making as it goes….

Progressions towards a bigger picture, thinking about fire, the cleansing power of it, the rebirth after it, the ‘sweeping clean’ of it. 

Working on ‘sweeping clean” -a handmade African broom is a satisfying tool to clean my canvas and then to create tinders, black and white and gold sparks like calligraphy or graffiti which is then semi-obliterated by the action of the grass broom…. www.facebook.com/100063632527765/posts/435176581946756/

Sparks, golden calligraphy tracing the trials of life, the marks we leave…

a grass broom – a satisfying paintbrush …
Clay pot and grassbroom – handmade art, craft, culture

The shadows on my studio wall inspire my mark making

Grass Broom Shadows on the wall in my studio

A new broom sweeps clean……..

Watch this space! here it is finished…

Lin Barrie, Burnt Offerings, acrylic on canvas, 4×3 feet

Lin Barrie, Burnt Offerings, acrylic on canvas, 4×3 feet

This huge painting envisioned in an interior….

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