June 17, 2024

The Serenade

Tahle We Dzinza is a music connoisseur. The 24-year-old Zimbabwean is born to a Mozambican mother and has maternal roots in Chipinge. She sees herself as a granddaughter to both the Ndau and Barwe cultures and the foster child of the Manyika people where her father’s family settled from their original Mozambican home. This might sound like a fairly off-tangent introduction, but there is actually a method in the madness!

Her interesting heritage has become one of her key drivers in music composition. She has fiercely pursued music compositions that balance minor languages and dialects with major vernaculars, which are marinated in multiple genres and international languages. Tonga happens to be her favourite minor language. Her music buffet is intriguingly palatable to the ear, with goose bump effects when she takes you on opera journeys, if you so wish. She can do jazzy sunsets if you are in the mood, or just cheeky afro pop and the wide array of world musicThe eastern music influences with Arabic overtones are all deliberate traces into her ancestry, which she fully embraces in her works. 

To experience Zimbabwe is to experience our culture in its diversity, not just our breathtaking scenery, beautiful wildlife, clean air, top chefs and array of resorts, but also fashion, stories and music. There is a big difference when you dine between listening to recorded music and experiencing a live serenade. It is almost the same difference between a pie from the supermarket and one freshly baked at home by a gifted mom! I sometimes am really tempted to think that ears have taste buds. But seriously, there is something magical about live acoustic music that just whets the appetite of the soul. 

I am reminded of an unforgettable business conference experience in Victoria Falls, we were all initially so aloof and distant, but the evening live music performances just made us see each other in a different light. Our smiles grew more sincere and we actually all became warmer. 

Speaking to the three-dimensional artist, her shy and often almost timid presence is somewhat difficult to reconcile with her performing character, until you get to know her better! Her dream is to carry the flag for Zimbabwean music. “For me, its never about the genres,” she says. “It’s about the craft and the message, the unity that can be created when different art forms, languages and music movements are blended to create a fine blend of musical architecture and visual experience. Music teaches us to break barriers that we construct in our minds to stop the beauty of diverse human fellowship. I want somehow to help humanity see that we are all cut from the same cloth and we always better with the harmonies!”The award-winning songstress scored her master piece EP, Rushesha, in 2020, which won the best Alternative Project from Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA.) @tahle_we_dzinza  instagram. She was part of the scoring team that landed the NAMA award for the best theatrical production, Bongile in the same year. In between work, she finds training vocalists, song writing and performing fundraising concerts to be some of the most fulfilling life moments. She has been part of the Bring It On initiative coaching and adjudication teams for several years. This is a space that gives young artists an opportunity to learn and showcase their talent. The home-trained music connoisseur says, “I will always be grateful to the National Allied Arts, especially to the quiet work of Nicky Hammond and her team who poured their lives into building a strong technical foundation for the quality of music in ZimbabweAbove all,I owe much to God who gaveme this gift; it must uplift others.” Tahle held over 18 honours awards at the Eisteddfod and annual floating trophies. She has been featured on CNN Inside Africa and has trended on local top hits and Trace Africa

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