December 8, 2023

This World Emoji Day, Meta reveals the favorite emojis and how they’re being used in Zimbabwe

In celebration of World Emoji Day (July 17) and the recent expansion of Reactions on WhatsApp announced by Mark Zuckerberg, we’re sharing some fun facts on how people across Southern Africa are using emojis across our other apps, Facebook and Instagram. 

Everyday billions of consumers around the world use Meta’s technologies (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) to communicate and connect with their family, friends and communities – often those connections come in emoji form. People  may not always be able to connect in the physical form but Emojis help bring out what words cannot always express. 

With the introduction of new Emojis, consumers continue to enjoy the light hearted and humorous way of communicating.

Here’s a look at some the most popular emojis used in the last year: 

  • Top 5 emojis by Zimbabwe over the past year: 
    • The soccer ball  emoji is most popular among Zimbabwean nationals on IG bios. Some other popular sports emojis include the ones shown below.
    • The most popular food emoji in Zimbabwe is the cake emoji. Following not far behind, some popular food and beverage emojis include the ones shown below.

Also, among the most popular newly released emojis (version 14.0) on Facebook used by people living in Zimbabwe (and their meanings according to the Emojipedia) are:

  • Face Holding Back Tears on Facebook 14.0A yellow face with tears welling up at the bottom of its two large eyes. May be used to express a range of emotions including sadness, anger, embarrassment, admiration, and gratitude.
  • Two hands forming a heart shape. Used to express love and support..
  • Face with Peeking Eye on Facebook 14.0A yellow face with its hands over its eyes and raised eyebrows. One wide eye is peeking through the fingers. Can be used to express the duality of wanting to look away from something because it’s frightening, disgusting, or embarrassing, but not being able to.
  • A yellow face with its right hand saluting. Used as a sign of respect.
  • A yellow face with open (non-smiling) eyes and a hand over the mouth, used to convey shock or surprise.

We wish you a Happy World Emoji Day 2022! 

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